Vinyl flooring for the modern home

If you’re looking to make your domestic environment easier to manage and therefore make your lifestyle easier, then you should definitely consider vinyl flooring. There are so many reasons why vinyl flooring is becoming the most recommended flooring on the market from interior designers and homeowners. 

There reasons are range from budget, to maintenance and onto style choice. Let’s explore these benefits in greater detail.

Money in your pocket

Vinyl flooring doesn’t require a lifetime of savings to get the best quality. With a quick and easy installation process you don’t even need to hire help to fit it in your home. You have the option of either the click or glue down method.

These installation methods are also brilliant as they allow the tiles or planks to be custom sized to work around those tricky corners or stairs. Subsequently this also means there is no left over debris from cutting or sawing tiles and planks to fit into those nooks and crannies.

Works to your lifestyle

Flooring see’s the more action than any other part of your home, so you need to make sure it’s going to stand the test of time, and not take up all your time with cleaning or replacements. 

Vinyl flooring has anti-slip, anti-moisture and scratch guard technology built in. If its relentless social events, busy breakfasts or dirt and fur from pets, you can rest assured that vinyl flooring is working round the clock for you. Less time worrying about cleaning means more time enjoying your social events and family time. 

Artistic in every way

Whether you want to give your bathroom a zen-like feel, make your kitchen state-of-the-art or turn your child’s bedroom into a colourful space for playtime, all you need to make a big different is vinyl flooring.

From stone and wood textures which can be matched with neutral or abstract colours, you can transform any room. Finish your rooms with suitable aesthetics for a completely immersive atmosphere.

Functions like no flooring before it

The best thing you can do during the flooring renovation process is to get advice from the experts. Amtico are notorious for their expert advice which can guide you through their choice of Signature Woods, Abstract and Spacia ranges, so you make end up with a flooring that you’ll do more than just walk on – you will love it. 

Luvanto also demonstrates superior knowledge of vinyl flooring and what will work best based on your budget, lifestyle and style preferences. Luvanto’s Endure Pro, Parquet, and Click and Herringbone ranges can offer you flooring patterns which won’t go unnoticed by your guests, and borders for rooms which deserve a little more uniqueness.

If you want to make a great investment this year, vinyl flooring will consistently provide you with a reason to love your flooring, years after installation.

I have vinyl flooring in my kitchen and two bathrooms and I love it! Do you have vinyl anywhere?


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