Who Really Has Control- Adult Post

Some people might not know this about me. Before I became a blogger for 10 years I ran an adult entertainment store. Or to put it more bluntly – A Sex Store.

Sex and adult entertainment can sometimes be such a taboo subject, but why? We all do it.

What happens behind closed doors is totally your business, after all who can spend a lifetime doing missionary, not me that is for sure.

Something that I found out alot more about during my time running the store was the world of Subs and Doms also known as bondage or BDSM.

For the people who have really no idea let me break it down for you the definitions


A person inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination


Someone who takes a leading role is a BDSM scene.

Some people are inclined to think people who are into the sub and dom scene or fetish dating are freaks. Which is totally untrue.

Here is some fun facts I found about people who love this scene

  1. Part takers are normally in high powered jobs and like the power to be given to someone else
  2. More men prefer to be dominated then women
  3. There is big extremes and very tame versions of sub and doms.
  4. Dungeons are all over the UK, maybe even your neighbour has one
  5. Its got alot more popular since the fifty shades of grey books were released.
  6. Most subs like to be blind folded so they cannot be seen.
  7. Latex plays a big part in this fetish
  8. There are thousands of toys available for both parties
  9. It is an expensive hobby to have
  10. People pay to be dominated
  11. Most Doms do not have sex with subs they just demand things of them.
  12. People are more open to talk about it.
  13. Sub and Dom dvds are the most popular to be purchased.
  14. People get harmed part taking in this fetish
  15. Subs like to act in an animal fashion or even as a child, so they relinquish all power.
  16. Watersports and foul play sometimes play a part in the roles.
  17. Marks can be left on people for long periods of time.

If you are seeking to take part in this fetish make sure you always remain safe, lay out guidelines of your rules and expectations and always have a safe word.

It is not uncommon for people to be asked to sign declarations when taking part in such hard bdsm, which could involve marks being left or blood being shed. Don’t be alarmed this is only if this is what is agreed you would like to do.

Have you ever thought about giving it a go?

Its not for everyone but I have seen many people that it has been the making of them.

Guaranteed its not always done with their partner but it makes them a better partner to their significant other when they return home.

Give it a go -Lifes to short




*** This is a collaboration post***