The Perfect Top

Let’s talk about how to find the perfect top. It seems simple, but there are so many options! Style, colour, and material all come into play when selecting the next item to hang in your wardrobe, and if you don’t choose carefully, you’ll waste your money on clothes you never wear.

Let’s talk about comfort first, because who doesn’t want to be comfortable? If you only plan to wear the top on special occasions, then you can explore wool, polyester, or synthetic fabrics. They’re gorgeous, but keep in mind they take extra cleaning care, and they can be uncomfortable against your skin in some cases. Your best bet is cotton tops for everyday wear. It breathes, it’s machine washable, it’s generally good for the environment, and it will last a long time.

When it comes to style, you have more options than you probably want to think about. Sleeves or no sleeves? Form-fitting or flowing? While it’s a personal preference, you may want to consider your body shape, how confident you are with showing off your upper arms, and what type of event you are attending.

Button ups are classy and work well in most situations, while something low-cut should be saved for an evening out. If you’re attending a wedding or shower, something elegant but simple is just the ticket, so you don’t overshadow the bride.

Colour is where you have the opportunity to go crazy. Step outside your comfort zone and pick a colour you don’t normally wear. Black, brown, and white are must-haves, but if you really want your wardrobe to shine, find something unique so you’ll stand out the next time you put it on.

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