Bracelet Stacking Tips For The Perfect Summer Look

Stacking bracelets is an art form and if you would like to learn how best to layer bracelets, this article offers useful tips from the professional clothing designer. Bracelet stacking is definitely in this year, and it allows you to make good use of all your bracelets by mixing and matching to produce a number of stylish looks. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

✓ Choose A Focal Point – The art of good bracelet stacking involves selecting one that will be prominent, and by adding different colours, materials and textures, you can build an attractive stack that goes with the outfit you have chosen. A watch, for example, would make an ideal focal point, while a chunky leather bracelet is another ideal piece to feature in a stack.

✓ Start With A Charm Bracelet – Nomination charm bracelets are perfect for the foundation of a stack, and with an online search, you can see Nomination charms in the UK at John Greed, which happens to be one of the UK’s leading online jewellers. The charm bracelet makes for an ideal central layer, onto which you can add a few bangles either side, and with some leather and precious stones, you will have a great variety.

✓Incorporate Various Sizes – Having two larger bracelets that are mingled with some that are tighter will certainly add depth and variation to the stack. You can also select bracelets of different widths, which also adds to the uniqueness of the look.
✓ Experiment With Colour – Reds, greens and blues can all intermingle with silver and gold, giving you a rainbow of colours. Put all of your bracelets on the bed and using a full mirror, you can experiment until you find the right combination, which is also a lot of fun. There is no end to the colour combinations you can use, and by contrasting with your outfit, you will create a balanced look.
✓ Avoid Wearing Too Much Other Jewellery – If you’re going with a stacked bracelet look, avoid wearing too much other jewellery, as you might end up looking like a mobile jewellery store. There are great bracelet stacking tutorials you can find online that will certainly help you get the hang of it. Try a single arm, which can be very appealing and if you want a real Bohemian look, both arms work well to provide a lot of texture and colour. Avoid wearing more than one necklace when stacking bracelets, as this is a little over the top, and earrings should be carefully chosen when stacking bracelets.

You probably have quite a few bangles and bracelets that you never wear, so dig them all out and perhaps you can use one or two to help create a great stack. It is worth noting that there are no set rules for bracelet stacking, and if you feel comfortable with a particular combination, that’s all that counts. If you are a little self-conscious, ask a good friend for her honest opinion, and by regularly mixing and matching, your outfits will always look fresh and colourful.

How do you like to wear your bracelets?




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