What Have We Got To “Wine” About

I know a massive percentage of us a really finding this lockdown hard, hard physically and emotionally. Who can blame us- But ive been thinking lately. What really have we got to whine about.

Back in the war people were having to stay in bunkers, with no lights, minimal food and hardly any entertainment. What are we being asked to do?

Stay at home- where we have the joy of television, unlimited internet providing hours of entertainment, hopefully if we are fortunate enough a fridge stacked with fresh food and maybe a few cheeky wines if your lucky.

We can all be forgiven for going off the rails slightly during this time of uncertainty. I for sure know that I and the majority of my friends haven’t been watching what we eat and I certainly haven’t been watching what I drink. I have been educating myself more on wines though and the processes that goes into to making them thanks to Independent Wine Blogs. Im not normally a big reader but reading about something that you enjoy certainly makes it more interesting.

What has been your vice during lockdown? Have you learned a new skill or delved deeper into something you already enjoyed but didnt know much about?

I am really feeling more positive that we are coming out the other side but life is now a new normal but with that new normal I am appriciating the little things in life more- family, home, food and drink things that we all need and are hopefully lucky enough to have.

Take care guys and stay safe

Mucho Love

T xxx

*** This is a collaboration post but all wording and views are my own ***