A Pet Is For Life Not Just A Special Occasion

As little P is not approaching 5 he is asking for the likes of pets and animals for birthday and Christmas gifts but we have installed in him from such a young age the oldie but goodie quote that a pet is for life not just for Christmas.

Unfortunately our family dog is 14 and coming to the end of her little life in the near future i predict- she isn’t in any pain but as a pet owner you know the changes.

She is becoming slower, sleepier and less interested in playing with the kids and more interested in being left alone.

Apart of being older and frailer has meant that we have wanted Pippa the pooch to be super comfortable in her old age so we have been looking into an Orthopaedic dog bed for her! I know, sounds comfy doesn’t it! Not going to lie I have had the odd night or two in the current dog bed after a few too many wines so an Orthopaedic one sounds appealing to me too ha ha.

Who wouldn’t wants their dog to have the best sleep in what could potentially be the last weeks months or years?

The Pet Empire has you covered whether its luxury dog beds you are looking for or a medical variety like the orthopaedic. There is something for every budget.

The range is massive and there is some absolute beauties- I know we will be puppy owners again in the near future as our home is just not complete without a dog so Pet Empire watch out I could fast become your number one customer.

Guys do you pet owners have a budget or preference to what bed you get your pets? Do you go quality over price like you would if it was a bed for yourself? Or cheap and cheerful as long as it doesn’t break the bank? I’m curious to know.


T xxx

*** This is a collaboration post ***