5 Ways To Side Hustle Money In 2020 Episode 1

Times are hard for alot of people right now, whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally, physically. We are all going through a tough ride.

What has kept me going during uncertain times ( as well as a newborn baby and a four year old) has been working online to earn extra pennies to get some extra treats for these long and lonely times we have spent at home.

I want to help you guys earn some money too, to do the same for your family. Here is the sites I have used and generated an income from over the last 4 months.

Shop til you drop

RedWigWam  has simple jobs available where you may have to call a store to ask about a product, go into a store and take a photo of a product on a shelf ( please only go if you are visiting any way) or order something with your online shopping to review ( this is the one i’ve been doing a lot and gaining £15 a time for items I would be ordering some variation of any way!

Free Dosh

Oh my dosh Is a great site that has kept me busy many and evening- I log on daily to check out the free deals and no spend offers. I have generated money from this site by simply completing surveys, playing games, downloading apps and more. There is an option to get more money by making purchasing through the site too but i quickly and easily rack up £10’s regularly from the free offers and that is a pizza for the family’s tea from the take away!

Winner Winner Free Dinner

MarketForce I have been a member of market force for years, sometimes known as eyes on. I have had many a free meal from restaurants with this mystery shopping app. It has been quiet lately due to the circumstances but if you live in a city there are plenty of opportunities now, such as a free five guys! Yum ! simply create an account, apply for the mystery shop you want to do and complete the questionnaire and post visit survey. Once you have completed one it really is as easy as 123 for free meals. They are also really lovely to work with, if you fancy going further afield to help them out they will often reimburse you fuel costs.

Cogs out Pay Out

20 Cogs This is a relatively new site to me but possibly my favourite. I’ve cashed out over £200 twice during lock down. Simply from surveys, downloads, purchases I would of been making anyway and games to keep me occupied on long and lonely nights during the night feed. The idea behind it is you are given 20 cogs to complete then you can cash out. Highly recommend this one.

Tap the App

Last one for this post Appino are you like me and always scrolling and pottering on your phone while watching the tele? I Dont know why but I cant just sit I have to do several things at once so this app is perfect for me. All you do is answer a multiple choice poll. For example It might say what is your favourite fast food? Pizza, Chinese, Indian. You simply tap your answer. If you do sign up I would be grateful if you could use my referral code of 1432d9 so I get a few extra cheeky points towards cash out?

Have you tried any of these side hustles before? If No, will you be trying them to earn extra pennies for any up and coming occasions?




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