Keep Clean During COVID 19 with Ozkleen

I’m sure it’s not just me, but during this lockdown have you been more obsessed with cleaning then every before? I know I have.

Having two young children at home one being a 4 year old who constantly needs reminding about hygiene I feel it’s so important to be on my A game for cleaning the house. Minimising the chance of infection has been a goal throughout this whole pandemic, and touch wood I think I’m doing good.

That’s with thanks to some amazing products I have managed to find during the endless hours I’ve spend online during nap times these last 5 months.

I can be a real stickler for sticking to what I know rather than new products but when an opportunity arose to try Ozkleen– I jumped at the chance. They have a wide range with good reviews and I wanted to try it for myself to see if it could be a new product for my Mrs Hinch Narnia

Here’s my thoughts on the products-

The hubby hollered to let me know one of the kids spilled tomato sauce on the new grey sofa and I didn’t have my usual carpet and upholstery cleaner to hand so I grabbed carpet power and crossed my fingers it would not ruin the new sofa.

After a few squirts a gentle rub and a dab off of the excess product- the Mark was gone! The real test would be to see if there would be a water mark ring around the area the morning after the patch had dried….. nope there wasn’t! Just a squeaky clean sofa 10/10 from me.

Kitchen power was the next on my list to try and what better time then after making a massive pan of spaghetti Bolognaise that refuses to stay in the pan.

Cutting through the mess like a hot knife through butter.

Kitchen power is a fab product the only downfall for me was the smell. It smelt more chemical like than a fresh or citrus smell that I usually look for in a cleaning product.

If I am being super honest I feel like grease power has much of the same qualities as the kitchen power. Kitchen power removed all the grease I needed in the kitchen so if you only needed one product Kitchen power is the one I lean towards out of the two.

Like the leading brand but cheaper

Bath power was the last product I tried as I am a massive lover of a well known brand bathroom product, so waited for that to be used up before trying the Ozkleen bath product.

This product made my tiles shine and removed soap scum build up from my shower screen. I usually need two separate products to do this, so I am super impressed and going to stick with Bath power. Like the leading brands but better.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I would give the Ozkleen range 8/10 really good products, great valued and a wide range.

Have you tried Ozkleen before?


T xxx

**** This products have been gifted for the purpose of a blog post but all views are honest and my own****