Transforming A Box Room Into A Nursery Fit For A Princess – Guest Post

Transforming a box-room into a bedroom fit for your little Princess can be a fun challenge for any expectant parent. Designing a nursery in a small room means maximising space and storage is vital. Steph Briggs, Interior Designer and Co-Founder of La Di Da Interiors, gifts and interior online store shares some designer tricks and tips.
Once your Little Princess has arrived you are going to be very busy for the next couple of years – so make sure it’s key elements are suitable to last from baby to toddler.
A cot that evolves into a toddler bed is a wise investment; it saves significant upheaval later down the line
A cosy tactile rug or sheepskin next to the cot is not only beautiful, tactile additions, but make those ‘middle of the night’ visits, much more comfortable for Mummy or Daddy
Lighting is crucial. I recommend choosing low-level lighting for night time nappy changes and cuddles and a night light for your little one to fall asleep to. Make sure that any free-standing lights are well out of reach of little hands.
Under the bed, storage boxes with lids are great for stashing toys and bedding under the cotbed. Keep one with spare bedding, ready to go in case of accidents. Easy access and being prepared, make life quicker and easier, especially at 4 am!
Make sure you have a comfortable chair to sit in for feeding and soothing with a high back. The primary test is to see if you can stand up from sitting without using your hands (as if you have a sleeping baby in your arms). Make sure you have a large cosy and beautiful blanket near it so you can keep warm if you’re in for the long haul when feeding.
Not all Princesses wear pink. Consider the psychology of colour. Green is nurturing and calming, perfect for a nursery. If you still crave pink, it’s a beautiful complimentary colour and goes perfectly in a palette with green. Grey interiors are terribly en vogue at present, but not much fun for a little person, if you want to stick to a neutral palette, consider a soft white and taupe instead.
Don’t paint the ceiling brilliant white! Babies spend a lot of time looking up. A brilliant bright white ceiling will bounce light all over the place and is stark. Use a soft white with a grey base such as Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Old White.
Blackout blinds are an essential bit of kit for any nursery. If in doubt on what colour to choose, go for a colour similar to the wall colour. Avoid patterns if you have curtains as these can often clash.
A chest of drawers is perfect versatile storage for clothing, nappies, wipes, muslins and more. By getting a tall one with lots of drawers and a small footprint, you make the most of the space. If you buy vintage, you can then paint to coordinate with your colour palette. Consider painting the drawers different colours or stencil numbers on them – that way when communicating with your partner on where to find things you have an easy reference. It also makes it entirely unique for your little girl. Remember to install furniture restraining straps to any furniture that can be climbed on – it may  seem a little over the top when they’re still a baby, but it saves remembering later on. Better to be safe than sorry.
Make it fun and enjoy the process – it’s a super special time.
About Steph:
Steph Briggs is Co-Founder of the Award-Winning independent gifts and interior retailer, La Di Da Interiors and a celebrated Interior Designer. An expert in upcycling and revamping pre-loved furniture and home accessories, Steph’s natural talent for combining old with fabulous and new, has earnt her the title of ‘ ‘The Queen Of Upcycling’ by her contemporaries and considerable coverage on TV, radio and in the national press. Steph’s clients include both private and commercial,  and her interior design projects range from consultancy services through to major renovations.

How would you make the most of a box room?

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