Some Solid Advice for Any Worried Mums-To-Be

Pexels – CC0 Licence

If a friend of yours is now going through the amazing stages of pregnancy, you may be catapulted back to those moments where you were going through the same thing and wished you’d had a bit more peace of mind. It is natural for any new mum to worry, but if you could give any first-time mums advice at this key stage, what would it be? Here are a few things that we wish we’d known. 

There Will Be Bad Days and Great Days

There’s a lot of excitement during the pregnancy stages, but it’s almost when the baby shower hits that it all comes into cold hard reality. Mothers-to-be may want to be amazing all the time, but the best advice is that there will be amazing days but there will also be bad days. Many mums try to be superhuman but the reality is that the house will look like a tornado has gone through it and not every mother experiences that rush of love when they give birth. We’re all human and we are prone to extreme emotions which is why we need to give ourselves a pass every now and again. 

Check Their Temperature!

We’ve all become accustomed to checking our temperature but for mothers-to-be, the baby’s temperature is one of the biggest signs that something could be up. If the baby is really upset and you don’t know why check their temperature because they could be too hot or too cold. It could be as simple as the baby is wearing too many layers in the middle of summer.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

This is absolute gospel for any new mum. You may think that this is the perfect opportunity to clean up but when the baby is finally asleep (especially if they don’t ever seem to sleep), now is your prime opportunity. The fact is that you can put the baby in a baby carrier and do chores while they are awake. You need to look after yourself and this is why you have to sleep. It is the most restorative thing you can do for yourself! 

Trust Your Instincts

Many mothers-to-be try to read every single baby book there is. And while there’s a lot to be said for preparing for this change, you will need to remember that as a mother, there is this instinct inside you that will tell you if something is wrong. Do not ignore them.

It Is All Temporary

Any mothers-to-be will have heard the cliche that “time goes so fast.” And there’s a lot that can happen, especially during that first year, from teething to sleepless nights, but you have to remember that it won’t last forever. When they are not babies anymore and have learnt how to form words and have started walking, before you know it, they will be flying the nest. So rather than worrying if you are good enough or not, you have to enjoy each moment, no matter how difficult it may be. Every part of this journey will help you learn about yourself so settle into your skin and enjoy the ride.


T xx