One Foot On The Ladder

Growing up I enjoyed school, but I was never what you would call academic. I muddled through and did what I needed to do to graduate but my end goal was always to get a job, earn money and live my life.

It was the early 2000s when I finished school (look at here for some great graduation announcement ideas!) and the natural progression, and what was thought to be the right step to make, was for me to move onto college.

I did this then progressed into my industry and went on to get a good job and reach my goals; while I was going this a new way of progressing in a field was introduced to people via the method of internships or as we call it here in the UK apprenticeships.

The people that got to take this opportunity of learning on the job with hands on experience and getting paid became people I was super envious of as a hands on learner myself.

So I am super happy that my children will now get the opportunity to explore this avenue after they complete school, as from what I can tell my eldest is not a lover of desk work and being dictated too but loves to get stuck in and learn new skills.

That being said I wanted to draw up what I consider to be a pros and cons list for an internship.


  • Learn hands on from people in the field of the profession you want to undertake
  • Earn money while learning a new skill enabling you to also enjoy life
  • Explore opportunities worldwide with the likes of Business internships Tokyo
  • Meet like minded individuals in your creative field
  • Less pressure to find a full time role within an area that may already be short on job roles
  • Try the profession before committing full time to the role
  • A stepping stone onto the ladder of employment in your specialist field- it’a the best type of work experience you can get!


  • You will be looked upon as a member of staff within the business so will be required to step up when required.
  • Leaving education can be hard to get back into should you change your mind.

These are honestly the only two cons I can think of regarding why an internship my not to the right option for someone leaving full time education.

Before writing this post I spoke to a hand full of friends regarding college and the other options available and I was shocked to hear that 75% of these peoples children had entered into internships with high end well known companies before going on to be fully fledged members of staff.

I asked a couple of them to ask their children what internship and done for them.

Ava-“ Becoming an apprentice in my local hair salon as enabled to me keep up with the every changed hair services that are offered rather then learning text book basics that have been going on for years. This has allowed me to be at the top of my game and be awarded stylist of the year 2021 when if I had gone to college I would never have achieved this at such a young age”

Callum “ I managed to get an internship with one of the world largest steel manufacturers in the UK. Yes it was hard at first don’t get me wrong- being a young boy in a man’s world but perseverance has meant I have qualified quicker then most in my field. Being hands on daily meant I absorbed more of the information needed for my end of term tests.

If you were to redo you college years now, which path would you choose?


T xxx