Sleep Tight – Looking For The Perfect Bed

This time of year a lot of people say New Year New You. I say New Year New Decor.

In January I am redoing the master bedroom and the time has come for me to replace the 8 year old bed and mattress. Since having a bad back and recieveing Physiotherapy I need to make sure I have a great mattress.

Here what I will be looking for on my search-

A Sturdy bed frame which will last years to come.

Material which is either washable or wipeable.

Underbed storage for those items you hardly ever reach for.

Kingsize style for when P jumps in on a weekend.

Easy to assemble.

Doesn’t require tools that you wouldn’t normally keep at home.

Maximum 2 man job- I don’t want everyone and their dog in my bedroom lol.

The most important has to be the worlds most comfiest mattress. That can be a chore in itself. Did you know……

Its recommended you replace you mattress every 8 years.

In total you spend about one third of your life on your mattress, so it plays a big part in your general health and well‐being, not to mention your day‐to‐day energy levels, alertness and mood. Both the mattress industry and the Sleep Council strongly recommend that you replace a mattress every eight years, because by this time it will have lost much of its original comfort and support.

Old and worn mattresses can also provide welcome accommodation for allergens, dead skin cells, dust mites, germs and even bedbugs. This can happen even if you wash your sheets regularly. For example, a mattress that is 10 years old could be housing up to 10 million dust mites, so it might be time to change your mattress before it gets to this point.

Here is a handy dandy guide on how to choose a new mattress– you can thank me later.

How often do you change your mattress?



*** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***