How to create more space in your growing family’s home

You may be in love with your family home, but may also find that as your family grows, the available space in your home begins to dwindle. This can be frustrating as week on week, clutter just seems to pile up and you may feel like you need a boatload of time to sort through everything.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can create more space in your growing family’s home without spending what feels like forever sifting through all of your belongings, and you don’t even necessarily need to upsize!

Have a clear out

The first port of call is to have a huge clear out. Arguably, this is the longest task you’ll face when creating more space, but also one that will make a huge difference. If you haven’t touched those books since university, for example, the chances are that you’re not going to touch them again. Itmight therefore be best for you to get rid, sell them, donate them to the library or take them to a charity shopwhatever’s possible.

Similarly, your kids may have looked really cute in all of those outfits you’ve kept from when they were little, but it may be time to say a reluctant goodbye to them (the outfits, not the kids!). Keeping one or two is fine, but a whole box is surely unnecessary, and the stress saved with the newfound space will be well worth the compromise.  

Go reflective

Whether you’re adding reflective touches to your home with a traditional mirror, a stainless steel splash back, a reflective surface or even a shiny chrome tap or light switch, the more such touches you add, the larger your home will feel. Whilewe’re on the subject of reflective surfaces, you might also want to give your windows some TLC, as these are the main source of natural light, and natural light is well-known for creating the feel of more space.

With that being said, you can also simply clean your windows and watch your whole room become much more spacious-looking. Dirty windows will distract the eye and block light from entering your home, so you should be sure to clean the glass both inside and out. UVPC windows can be cleaned by opening the window as far as possible, so that you can remove any built-up dirt in every alcove, including the hinge. For cleaning the actual pane, use a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft sponge.

Accessorise carefully

When it comes to dressing the window, you should avoidskimpy curtains. A thick material will not only make the curtain look more expensive, but will also conceal the windows and light better when necessary.

Smart storage solutions

If you’re really stuck for space, opt for two-in-one storage solutions. The ottoman boasts many uses and can be used as a footrest, coffee table or even extra seating, so buying one with under-lid storage is highly recommended for those who are pushed for space. You can stash blankets, books and games in one – in short, whatever you feel necessary.

To ensure your ottoman complements your existing furniture, off-the-rack-legs are advisable. Legs that are raised off the floor also help to create the illusion of more space.

Move On up

Utilise the space around you. Many people disregard a loft as dead space but if your savvy minded you will realise it’s great growing potential.

Loft conversions can be the difference between whether you need to move home or not for more room for your family.

I would choose the mess of a builder over moving house any day.

What do you do to create more room in your home?

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