I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I  don’t really do resolutions but this year I have set myself a goal for 2019 that I am going to endeavour to help some friends in need.

An Anxious Friend

I have a very close friend who is super anxious and struggles with daily tasks like paying in a shop or riding a bus alone.

So every week I am going to take her to do an activity she wishes to do and just be there as her security blanket. This will take literally minutes out of my days but make a world of difference to my lifetime friend.

Unlucky in Love

My sister in law has been single since the birth of her son 7 years ago. After a bitter break up and her lack of time and interest in men she has decided she is not interested in a long term relationship.

She is however not made of stone and is super interested in nostringsdating. Shes a young later who would still enjoy some male company and TLC shall we say. Some people are far too prudish regarding sex and being single but this year I will help my SIL do some Sex dating UK

I will make sure she is aware of my rules around getting a date or hook up online too. If you are not familiar with them here they are-


Be open and honest. If someone is asking you for something your not willing to give or not interested in just tell them. Don’t waste your time or theirs.


Take real photos. No catfish photos needed when your a senior citizen you are going to have lumps and bumps, wrinkles and rolls. Its all part and parcel of the way of live. Super model seniors are few and far between and that is not realistic.


Be safe- Always meet in an open public place and make sure someone knows where you are. Not matter how old you are, safety is key.

Here is also a quirky little D.A.T.I.N.G quote I made.

D- Don’t tell a stranger where you live, although most people will be on the site for the same reasons you can never believe 100% of people are.

A- Always have people know where you are and who you are meeting with. Please don’t rest on your laurels that it will never happen to you because sadly no one is immune from chance takers and creeps.

T- Time will tell if there is a spark there ( ladies you tuppence will twitch if you feel something, if you get my drift lol) Take its slow your not teenagers anymore who need to rush into bed or moving in with a new love interest.

I- Indicate what you want from the date or meet up- some people are very clear on the sites they just want sex.

N- Never put your self at risk ( please revert back to D.A.T.I)

G- Go for it – what have you got to lose tomorrow is promised for no one unfortunately. Grab the bull by the horns and ride it baby.

Hobbie Lobby

I have a friend who loves to under take new hobbies but often does them alone. This year I hope to find more time to do some extra activities and hobbies with her.

Who knows I may even learn a new skill aside from my sewing, cooking, baking, writing etc etc lol.

Do you have friends who just have hook ups no string attached?




*** This is a collaboration post but all views are my own***