Garden Fun Without Leaving The Yard

There’s No Place Like Home

As summer fast approaches a lot of parents are possibly panicking as to how they are going to keep the kids occupied over the summer months.

Keeping the kids entertained and having family fun does not have to include spending loads of money or travelling half way across the country for doing something for a day which costs the earth.

I have found some great items that can be purchased that can be used at home in the yard year after year for great fun and entertainment for all the family.

Create and Craft

BoxWild  sell amazing gift boxes or subscription boxes that love birds and nature. Parker loves looking out the windows on a morning and seeing birds hopping around the garden fighting for worms so we got him the Children’s Big Bird Gift Box .

This box includes a bird feeder, 2 bags of bird feed, a scoop for the food, a wooden bird house and some fab paints to decorate the house yourself.

As you will see from the pictures below P thoroughly enjoyed painting the house…. and himself and was so proud when we hung it up for the birds to explore.

This was so much fun to do I would highly recommend it for crafty outdoorsy kids.

Game Set Match

For the competitive types and families who love a game or two Find me a Gift have some great options for all ages and abilities.

We chose something for the young and something for the boisterous which both funnily enough describe P. Giant dominoes is fun for all the family, the tiles were not as large as I was expecting for the “Giant” name but large enough that you can hold them and play. We have played them a few times and they seem super hard wearing and like they will be loved for years.

For the rough and tumble boys there is Duel Combat  Some of the dads may recognise this from the Gladiator days. Stand on your podium and try and knock your opponent off with your inflatable fighting stick.

This game is so much fun but I wouldn’t recommend for little ones and the inflatable ends have a tendency to fly off.

Food For Thought

What better way to enjoy a day in the garden then with some pizza to finish the day. We love pizza in our house and Chicago Town and Ristorante have us covered for no matter who we have around to play.

I am a Ristorante fan I love the authentic Italian taste which makes you feel like your in an Italian restaurant. Where as P and the other half love Chicago Town with the stuffed crusts and meaty toppings. They are super impressed with the new Cola bbq one thats been a new favourite for them.

And while your watching the kids having fun and eating your pizza why not lounge around in a super cool Hammock? Hammocks are super modern and great for people with minimal space- they also save the grass from getting spoiled with heavy furniture killing it off.

What do you love to do in your garden to have fun? Would love some inspiration to add to our lists of choices.

Have you bought your Fathers Day Gifts Yet?




*** This is a collaboration post where some items where sent to me but all views are honest and my own***