I’m Happy My Partner Stopped Smoking

Everyone has there vices in life and the one thing my partner did which I didn’t really like was smoking.

Five months ago he chucked the cigarettes and changed to vaping.

I had never really heard much about vaping and all the different E-cigs, liquids, coils and mods available for them, it really is a mind field as they are can almost be matched to smokers like an accessory with all the choices. You can buy a mech mod from a UK site here.

I feel the choices and mods make them look better than a tradition harmful cigarette not to mention they smell a million times better so here are some reasons my other half decided to stop and its made me a happy lady.

#1 Less Toxins

Vaping contains a big reduction in toxins in compared to smoking

#2 Beautiful Inside And Out

Smoking ages you and has a habit of gaining you extra wrinkles around the mouth from the constant sucking on a ciggy, making you look considerably older.

#3 Save Money

God only knows smoking is so expensive, my other half was easily sinking £50 a week on fags. Do you know what I could do with that extra £200 a month in the bank? Holidays, days out, shopping the list is endless.

#4 Stay Fresh

Stale fag breathe is a total turn off. With vaping the amount of flavours and scents I have smelled on people have brought back some memories, from the likes of strawberry laces and palma violets. I would rather smells these on someones breathe any day then fag smoke.

#5 Be Relaxed

Some people find smoking a stress release and a form of keeping them calm. My partner said this is the same case with vaping. He still gets the same release so he’s be able to maintain his happy relaxed self while smoking.

Do you vape? If so what do you love about it?




*** This is a collaboration post***