Feeling Sorry For My Single Friends During Lockdown

This lockdown has been hard for the majority of people but I have really felt sorry for my single friends who are spread out up and down the UK and living solo right now in a super difficult time.

Imagine being alone 24/7 for what has been 3 months now, I know I would be struggling right now mentally and physically. So I have been keeping in touch with them via face time and video calls as well as finding activities for them to do to keep them busy.

I’ve found some amazing letterbox gift companies too on insta and etsy so they have been really enjoying receiving those too but something a little more interesting I am going to try this week for the singletons is…..

I am going to create them a dating profile to find people in their local areas who are in the same boat as them who they can find some common ground with and maybe enjoy some social distance dating!

All of the UK has different rules but in England we have eased restriction were we can meet in the park etc but my friends in Scotland still have strict rules so I’m starting with her profile first on an Edinburgh Dating Site.

Shes a beautiful soul inside and out so i know she will be inundated with people wanting to chat and that will ease her boredom, loneliness and all the time on her hands until they get more easements in her area.

I would love nothing more to chat to all my single friends all day long but I have 2 children at home that need constant entertainment which I am sure a lot of people can relate to.

Here’s some ideas you can do for your singles friends while not leaving your home-

  1. Send letter box gifts direct from small independent retailers
  2. Sign up for online dating to the likes of www.dateedinburghsingles.co.uk
  3. Video call as and when you can- There are loads of free platforms to do this on providing you both have wifi but I think its a given that most people do these days. We rate Facetime but there is also Skype, messenger, Zoom, whatapp video just to name a few
  4. Play games online were you can play with your friends no matter where the location. Some personal favourites of mine are battleships, words with friends, Call of duty, Bingo Blitz, Ludo and monopoly.
  5. Gather a group of friends or like minded people and create a quiz group. Take it in turns being the quiz master and write your answers down- tally up the winner at the end of how ever many rounds you choose. If you wanna be extra like me you can even reward prizes for the winner. I did this buy ordering a prize on Amazon prime and get it delivered direct to your friend- you even have the option to add a little note onto the delivery.
  6. Send family and friends photo postcards direct from the printers online- I’ve done this a lot during lock down and they have been well and truly loved! many websites offer free postcards just pay postage.

What have you done for your lonely friends and family during lockdown?



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