Relaxing With A Salt Lamp During Lockdown Soothes My Soul

What is a salt lamp

 Salt lamps are made of a chunk of Himalayan salt, it has a pink color to it. The salt is extracted from the underground that been there for millions of years. It is mined in the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. The chunks of salt are handcrafted into the shape of a lamp. The insides are hollowed out to fit the lighting fixture. Once lit the light will travel through the salt to create a soft orange glow. Many people struggling with anxiety or depression will use these lamps, as it brings a calm relaxing feel into their space.

 Salt lamps come in all sorts of colours, the most popular is pink. While there are white and grey to choose from. If you are a candle lover you can also purchase Himalayan salt candle holders which has the same effect as the lamp. Over recent years salt lamps have gained popularity, due to the health claims using these lamps.

Health Benefits

Salt attracts moisture from the air, people will often find their <arel=”nofollow” href=””>salt lamp wet or some water around the wooden base. A salt lamp act as a mini humidifier. People also believe that they create negative ions which reduces pollution from electrical goods. Negative ions can reduce pollen, dust, and dirt in the air. A salt lamp is believed to help clean the air in your home.

People that struggles with mental health will benefit from having these salt lamp in their homes. The lamp creates a soft gentle glow that not too bright, and it can completely change the feel in your home. People often feel more relaxed in the presence of a salt lamp. A salt lamp is often used with people that practice yoga or meditation.

Different shape and sizes

A salt lamp is measured by its weight, the smallest weighs around 1 kg which is perfect on a dining table or on the mantlepiece. The largest salt lamp goes up all the way to 50kg which is free-standing and very heavy.

There are also small USB salt lamps that come crafted as a shape of a heart, leaf, turtle, and much more. These are perfect in the office just simply plug it into a computer. These are perfect for reducing stress levels and would make a lovely gift for a loved one.

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What are you doing to relax or keep calm while we battle covid 19?

*** I was gifted a salt lamp for the purpose of this post ***