Car Seat Safety: Tips I have Learned

This week I’ve had the opportunity to join up with a Car company to do a sponsored post about Car Seat Safety and having a toddler who has a car seat and being a first time mum I have found many invaluable tips I want to share with you.

Also if I am being honest with you the fee of the post is going towards the next stage car seat for P as my gosh there bloody dear.

Here’s some things I have learned in the 2 and a half years of having a child in car seats-

  • When your baby is small use an infant car seat with a head support that is rear facing.
  • Rear face your child for as long as possible for improved safety there is now car seats that suit some children up to age three rear facing depending on weight.
  • Isofix bases are convenient for baby car seats for the quick fix but also add safety.
  • Do no let your child in the front passenger seat in there car seat unless the airbag can be turned off.
  • Make sure your child isn’t wearing a thick coat in the car, as when compressed the straps will become loose.
  • Booster seats don’t provide enough support until the child is absolutely old enough to use one.

Are you a mum of a toddler? I would love to know which car seat you have to have some inspiration for future purchases.