Lighting Up My Kitchen : Studio Arntzen

When redecorating a room I never realised how important lighting was , until I purchased the wrong type of lighting and the room decor looked totally off.

The type of lighting you choose can make a difference on the style and chic-ness of a room I have found.

I recently discovered Studio Arntzen which is a website that specialises in dynamic projects from concept to design all thanks to the lighting designer Paula Arntzen, and I must say I have never seen such clean cut modern designs as these. Lighting is not all she specialises is she also creates furniture with her great craft skills and design.

I have picked a few lighting designs and would love you to help me choose going forward which would suit my design idea for a bright clean looking kitchen with a modern twist.

The light I am considering is for an over dining table feature.

Grand Trianon

This light looks like it will offer a great projection of light all around the kitchen area due to the open lattice type mesh design and possibly create a nice wall reflection in the darker corners of the room. It almost feels like a beehive which I think will be a great nod to and 80’s shabby chic kitchen.

Find them all in the Design Light Shop


In this light set up I feel like I can interpret a snail turning into a butterfly hidden within it. I would be sure that I wouldn’t have anyone locally with a design this unique and would defiantly be a topic of conversation over afternoon tea with the ladies.


The droplet design gives me a total 90’s throw back to the old fashion lamp shade styles which every Grandma in the 90’s had.

It is tripled layered and made up of black and gold stripes. Would this suit my grey and white kitchen theme? I don’t think so but it is certainly a possibility for a bedroom make over theme.

If you love reading about style and design and want some inspiration for things around your home check out there website- the designs are so unique you will not find anything like it in most towns.

What sort of lighting do you have in your kitchen I would love to know? Are you more of a practical spot light person so your kitchen as even lightening all over with no obstruction of shade? Do you have standard own lighters with standard basic shades just for practically or do you have something totally not unique and out there?

After lighting my next mission is the vinyl floor as so many choices are available- Cheap Vinyl UK is going to be my first port of call.

I really would love to know!

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