Being Single In London

If I was to be single anywhere in the world it would be London. The world is your oyster in London and you can do anything and meet anyone. It really is the keyhole to the rest of the world in my eyes.

Since I was about 21 I love nothing more than a girls weekend (normally with my sister in law and mother in law) in London, as they share the same interests as me and are not afraid of the vast amount of walking you do in a city like London.

Every time I visit I like to do different things, with them of my partner but imagine London Dating and how much fun it could be with the amount of things there is to do.

You won’t ever find a more public of open space then London central to meet a new potential partner. As long as you have a good and honest profile and picture who’s saying you can’t meet the new Mr/Mrs perfect to bring in the new year with.

Champagne is so much more fun with company anyway isn’t it!

Here is some inspiration for dating in London.

#1  Open top bus tour

Weather permitting this is a perfect tour to take to see lots of attractions and hot spots of London and saves your feet for walking places the bus doesn’t go. Also a great way to find mutual interests as you spot things around you. Maybe not so great if you wish to run a mile, your stuck lol.

#2 Madame Tussauds

I never tire of the attraction- there is always new celebs ready and waiting for the latest selfie picture. They keep it so up to date and modern and i find it perfect if the weathers looking bleak. There is bound to be a mutual love of a celebrity in there.

#3 Food at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock is hands down my favourite place to eat in London. I love the fast pace American diner food and atmosphere and not to mention the music. There is something for everyone so what ever your taste im sure you and your date will love it.

#4 Shopping on Oxford Street

Oxford street is the place to be weather you fancy splashing out in a department store or just visiting the massive Primark thats there. A lovely long street where you can find everything and anything. Bond on your date over fashion or architectural buildings.

#5 A Show

Catching a matinee show or a cheap evening show is always fun, Musicals are my favourite. I last saw The Commitments and because it was an off peak show we got upgraded to front row tickets for free! Winner! Great for a date if you both love shows, not so great for talking as I think you would be snubbed by the audience lol.

anyway there is always the interval for chatting then you could carry on for a late night cap.

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