Never Too Late To Learn

Since becoming a parent I have had a few meaningless jobs which have no progression ladder or change to improve through training courses.

So when I started blogging I’m also returned to education to give myself and my family chance of a fruitful future.

I’m not really sure in the long run what I want to do or be but what I did know is that my maths and English grades would need to be improved to be accepted into most courses.

So that being said I enrolled myself into a night course at my local open education Centre where I attend once’s a week for two hours.

After the weekly session we are assigned a section of the work book to complete before the following sessions.

My family is really supportive of me but unfortunately can’t help me when I’m on a pickle as we all did our grades 16-60 years ago, and our memories aren’t that good lol.

That being said online homework help is available and has been invaluable. I am pleased I found the resources which are available like this before P becomes a teenager and needs help on his homework. I know I would feel terrible if I couldn’t help but now I know what’s available I know we can do this.

As part of the course Essays are involved and this was super daunting for me as this was one thing I dreaded the most. Hours of slogging away never knowing if it was enough, but did you know there is Essay writing help available too?

Since completing courses and realising how much things have changed and requirements for passes it has made me want to continue to education where I can I broad fields like maths, English and computer studies as well as help P with his education along the way.

I  am totally for the fact that learning keeps your brain young and active as after having children some of us can easily fall into a rut

Like I mentioned I didn’t know what to do once I have achieved my grades that I’m wanting to achieve but it has enabled me to be better equipped and knowledgeable for my two business from doing this maths course.

Here are some tips for learning as an adult

  1. Do something you are genuinely interested in
  2. Don’t try to learn while the kids are around if you are a parent
  3. Get a comfy set up, I’m more productive at a desk then sat in bed for example
  4. Don’t be too hard on your self, learning if hard work.
  5. Ask as many questions as needed.
  6. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  7. Invest in a good computer and resources you need such as books etc
  8. Talk to fellow adult learner to for a support network.
  9. Have a rough end goal to work towards
  10. Last but not least if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Have you ever thought about doing any online or classroom learning?

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