What if money never existed?

Have you ever thought what the world would be like if money never was created? After all they say money is the root of all evil?

How would we cope?

I will tell you how we could cope, we would share our knowledge, power,strengths and resources.

Why can’t we swap goods, services, knowledge,power, resources and time rather then money have to change hands?

There is no reason why we cant! So lets do it! I have actually been doing it for years.

For example I am a qualified beauty therapist and my neighbour is a hairdresser. So once every 6 weeks she gives me a haircut and I give her a massage….BAM we both have something we want/need and our purse still has as many pennies in it as it did before for us to pay for things that are necessary which cannot be swapped ie mortages and bills! Win Win!

I wanted to restart my blog on a whole new platform with something I am passionate about and since having my little boy 20 months ago and having a massive change in income due to only returning to work part time I am all about penny pinching wherever I can. I’m sure many of you parents can relate.

So whether you can offer local services like gardening for an hour , hairdressing, massaging or postal services like knitting, crafting, coupon sharing or the more modern way of working online- blog post writing, web development, social media help. Its all in the right direction of things people want and need but no longer need to pay for! You can even call out for item swaps, for example my son is currently hoarding lots of books he has read a million times so i would be willing to do toy swaps/book swaps/clothes swaps etc too! If you want to go one step further and offer a service and not really want or need anything in return you could ask for a small donation to a charity of your choice or an item/service a friend or acquaintance may want or need.

I really am hoping this takes off and we can all work towards a little bit of financial freedom but still live the life we love.

Time for some Thank you’s

I feel like i need to give a massive shout out to some people who have been massive inspiration along the way but please don’t think i am being a massive fan girl as i have done nothing but badger these ladies for help in the recent days and they have been amazing so i want to give them a plug for a thank you for all there help!! And there we go again without trying I am living freely- They have helped me free of charge, now I am hopefully helping them in return by sending some lovely traffic there way! Ive been inspired by the likes of The Mini Millionaire – Cora Harrison and her partner Helen for the passion and enthusiasm they have at such a young age for making money and saving it.I would love to eventually be where they are being self employed and in a good financial position but still doing what they love. I am a massive fan of there Youtube channels where they cover Travel , Money making and saving and Being a Crafty Sew and Sew , where using her skills and knowledge Helen makes things for family and friends for gifts which is a great idea. I would so much prefer a handmade gift with love and effort and thought then a shop bought one. Thanks to Helen my sewing machine is back out and stash of fabric starting to grow again!( from Charity shops might i add)

Secondly and a more recent inspiration has been a Lady called Emma Drew. She also blogs about making money and saving money as well as being a self employed blogger and employing her husband!! Emma also Vlogs the likes of helping you create a blog- which has been a massive help for me. Shopping hauls for bargain stores from the like of pound stores. Holiday Vlogs in Florida. Money making ideas. Reselling on eBay and many many more.

So massive thank you to you ladies if your videos weren’t so motivating and engaging I wouldn’t have developed this blog.

I hope you all join me on a great journey to working towards financial freedom and join up to my Live Freely Campaign.


T x