Confessions Of A YouTube Addict

So people I have a confession, when Parker goes to bed and all is quiet my vice is to watch hours and hours of YouTube videos.

I love the variety of things you can find and then when I find something I love all of a sudden there’s lots I want to watch on the recommended for you section.

Over the years I have gained a lengthy ( massive) subscription list. So for any of you that love YouTube and are always looking for new recommendations or you want to start watching a variety of videos but not sure who to start with.

Here is my….

Top 5 Youtubers Right Now

that I’m loving right now.

#1 Cora and Helen on The Mini Millionaire Vlogs

These lovely ladies vlog about daily life, making money, traveling and being self-employed business owners moving into digital nomads. Right now they are my go to first video to watch.

#2 Mrs & Mrs B

These great girls are embarking on there journey to TTC but life keeps standing in there way. Give them a wave to let them know your there and you care.

#3 Dr Pimple Popper

This lady is one of the vices that some people will get, others will think it’s down right disgusting. My favourite is  the black head popping. Do you love it or hate it?

#4 Katie Mayoxx

Katie is a real down to earth girl who does a lot of reviews and challenge videos my personal favourites are the Beanboozled challenge the the Universal Yuma unboxings.

#5 The Peachicks and Us

I’ve been watching Jack and Emily and Indiana for sometime then we both fell pregnant around the same time and would you believe it we gave birth the same day and named our boys the same names and since then I’ve felt a massive connection to them as it’s a good guide for development following someone the same age.

Do you love or Loathe YouTube?

If you love it who do you watch?

If not…..

What do you do to relax?