Things To Do Over The Christmas Holidays

With the Christmas holidays in full swing for a lot of people, it can be really hectic getting ready for Christmas while the kiddiwinks are constantly there – seriously, when are you going to get time to wrap their presents? The lead up to Christmas day is packed full of fun things and many to do lists, and afterwards, there is always a bit of a comedown before school starts again. You might have 101 things to do, but for your kids, it can get quite boring, and a bored child is an annoying one. Besides, this time is supposed to be about spending time with your family, and when they’re at school, it’s hard to have some proper quality time with them. So take this opportunity to do something together – Christmas themed or not.

Days Out

Take a day and go somewhere new. There are loads of fun family activities from trampolining to going tobogganing. Why not try your hand at ice skating, or go for an afternoon of good old-fashioned bowling. Spending a day as a family – a day where you’re not up at the crack of dawn and trying to time the sprouts against the turkey, and figuring out how seven people are going to sit around your four-chair table – is the best thing that you can do. Those memories are going to last forever, and nothing can beat that.


Turn ‘at home time’ into a crafting bonanza. There are so many things that you can do with your kids, or that your kids can do on their own, that can be perfect for Christmas. Why not make salt dough tree decorations or a festive paper chain? Write letters to Santa, and make him a poster as a thank you. Everyone remembers making paper snowflakes, so why not pass that onto your kids. You can even make some Reindeer food (oats and glitter) to go out on your front lawn on Christmas Eve.


Santa’s cookies don’t have to come from the shop – and your kids will love baking some for him and add to the magic of the day. If your kids want to give gifts to friends then why not help them bake Christmas inspired Reindeer biscuits or shortbread? It’ll feel a lot more rewarding for both of you to hand make those gifts, and will make your children learn the importance, and the wonderful feeling, of working hard to make someone else smile. If all else fails – go for a good, traditional gingerbread house.

Christmas Prep

With Santa’s cookies baked, letters written, and Reindeer food ready to be sprinkled, what else could you do to prep for the big day? Let them help with wrapping their gifts, or gifts to family members. If the presents need to travel, you might want to take control of those ones. Have you kids make the tags this year, and write their own Christmas cards. Let them be involved in your Christmas to-do list, and we promise you that you won’t regret it; not only will you love spending time with them, and they with you, but they definitely won’t be bored.

I hope this helps save your ears from kids telling you they are bored several times a day.

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