The Conclusive Guide to Find the Freebies & Competitions

Everybody in this planet love to have some sort of freebies because getting something you need in the shape of freebie can actually help you to manage your budget and on the other hand enables you to enjoy with your desired product. Numerous numbers of people didn’t even know the way to find freebies but there is no need to worry. There are plenty of tips that can really assist to find your need in the shape of freebie. All you need to do is just to keep an eye on all the below tips so that you can have a great opportunity to find as much freebies as you want.

People Actually Leave Stuff

Majority of the sites are giving away free stuff to the people. These sites usually give their old stuff to the people who need and it is a fantastic way to get stuff for free. There are various places where you can access ads for free stuff. Popular websites such as Mega Free Stuff can offer you a various number of products that anyone can have for fully free.

Once this is done the owners can list their sites on these sites and arrange to collect it if you find something you like. You need to sign up first and then you can search for the item or items you are looking for and Pam, you will always be on your way to getting what you want for free! All sorts of things are available, you will never think of getting some bikes, pianos for free, just name it!

You can also usually find ads for free content on your union’s notice boards. For example, if people are packing their apartments after graduation, they may advertise desks and other furniture that they no longer need. Often these are provided for free and you can collect them yourself.

Test Products

Companies are always looking for ideas about their products;one way to do this is by sending samples to people in exchange for their ideas. Sites like Clicks Research and I-Say will send you products for free to “test them”. In this particular way you can have brand name products for free. Both of these sites have online surveys in which you can participate, which can give you redeemable points for Amazon Vouchers with click research or I-service.


If you know which competition is best for you, then entering the competition is a very lucrative business. Many people have cheated a freebie by entering a competition at some point in their lives, and there are people who make a living out of it. There are various tricks to winning prizes, but if you are looking for contests online, you will have good luck in winning if the entrants are low. Try the websites of your favorite magazines for sneaky contests that are only online or TV channels’ websites. There is even a prize inventor website that lists the list of free online contests to enter. The more you put in the competition, the more likely you are to win, as many will be put off by long answers or questions that require extra effort. Since there are a lot of scams online, make sure you keep your details safe and do not give your bank details to anyone! If you love competitions, check out this one

Free Food and Beverages

There are actually plenty of ways to get free food and drinks from restaurants, bars and shops. One way to do this is to sign up online at your favorite restaurants, as many of them offer freebies at different times of the year, and there are plenty of restaurants and take outs that will give you freebies on your birthday. Choose a free dessert or cocktail for your birthday and half birthday for you and your five friends on TGI Fridays! Krispy Kreme offers free donuts and other freebies depending on your purchases when you register on their website for your birthday.

High street coffee shops also tend to offer loyalty cards, so if you buy there anyway, it’s worth getting, because you can even earn free drinks and food (at Costa’s Coffee Club).

Free Books

If you want to read a certain sort of book on a mobile devicethen it is great news! There are many books that can be downloaded for free online. Amazon has numerous Kindle books, including contemporary novels and classics. Depending on what you study, you can get your course reading materials absolutely free! Project Gutenberg Another place where you can access thousands of books for free, you can even read them online if you want.


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