How Social Media Screening Can Help Employers Make Good Hiring Decisions

Social Media Screening

When a company of any size decides to begin the process of hiring another employee, the key issue the company faces is finding the right person for the job. The factors determining whether an applicant is a good fit include much more than their education, training, and experience. These factors are basic indicators of a person’s ability to do the job. Interviewing candidates can narrow down the playing field. However, even the most careful interview process can miss indications that the applicant may be unsuitable for the company.

Finding and examining the social media presence of applicants is a good way to determine the personality and disposition of a potential employee. However, this can take many hours for just one candidate. Some employers now using a service that uses an algorithm to screen applicant’s social media presence. This social media screening tool allows employers to make better hiring decisions based on more information about candidates.

When looking at a candidate for any position, it is important to know what their values are, and whether their basic values align with the company’s mission statement. When employees feel their employers hold the same basic values as they do, it is easier to build and support a strong corporate culture. When an employee strongly disagrees with the values the company wishes to maintain, problems arise and tend to multiply. One disgruntled employee can do a great deal of damage to a company using any social media platform.

Using a social media screening company like Fama, employers can determine if a candidate poses a potential threat to the welfare of a company. Some of the potential problems a company can avoid through social media screening include:

Bullying or harassing others online. If a job applicant has bullied or harassed someone online in the past, the chances are good they will do it again. Unfortunately, when an employee bullies a co-worker online, the damage is deeper than just the emotional pain the act causes. To potential hackers, the act signals one or more employees who are hurt or resentful and might wish to harm the company. Hackers see potential accomplices.

Saying negative things about their workplace. This kind of behavior indicates an employee is unhappy and may be willing to justify harming the company or coworkers. If a screening of the applicant’s social media sites reveals they have done this in the past, it is unlikely they will be happy at their new job. Unhappy employees can negatively influence their coworkers as well.

Revealing sensitive information. Whether information about clients or proprietary designs or drawings, revealing any type of sensitive information on social media is a sure indicator the applicant is untrustworthy. Such an applicant is unsuitable for a position involving any sensitive information.

Fama is a firm that screens applicants for any desired behaviors or qualities by examining their social media presence. Using their own algorithm, they can tailor their search to the client’s exact criteria. Because all jobs are not alike, their clients can specify the requirements for each job or class of jobs. Finding the right employee for any position is difficult. Knowing which applicants are not acceptable is an important step toward knowing which applicant is. Using social media screening can benefit any company by saving time and preventing later problems.