Safety First – Car Maintenance

How many of us depend on our cars day in day out but don’t give our cars enough love.

Hands up, I’m a very very guilty of this. Since having P my car had become a bit of a moving dustbin. Quite literally. Then when something goes wrong I find myself stroking my steering wheel,apologising and begging that if it magically fixes its self I will look after her better.

How often do I keep up my end of the deal? Not very often oops.

2019 is going to be different

This year I have launched another addition to my business which requires me to drive around to make deliveries.

So I really need to maintain my car well.

Assure safe driving tyres

On the first of every month I am going to promise myself and my car to

Check tyre pressure on all tyres and not just the random one that doesn’t look as plump. Measure my tyre tread as with the amount of miles I am going to be doing this is bound to decrease faster. If you need new tyres book tyres online with just a few click or visit Iverson Tyre’s London Branch and get to choose from a wide variety of tyres they have to offer.

Checking for oil levels

Check my oil properly and not just hope that my oil problem sensor works. I take for granted the modern technology of electrics on cars and need to remember to some times get down and dirty with a dipstick and a bit of rag.

It’s worth while as I can totally feel the difference in the way my car drives if the oils not maintained.

MOT approval

A really important one for me is book a MOT a month before it’s due to allow time for repairs and to save up costs.

It is a legal requirement to have an MOT so remembering this is going to be invaluable to make sure I spend no time carless while repairs are being done if I am not prepared.

Clean the exterior

Remove the lid from the water tank and read correctly, not just take the stained water line as gospel also I need to top up screen wash and not just smear bird poop all over my screen for a week before hoping it rains to clean it off.

Hoover the poor darling out and removed every scrap of sweetie paper, receipts and general crap. In addition to this book a 6 monthly internal and external valet and the amount of drink spillage marks are crazy.

Dust the interior

Including Insert a new air freshener and Empty the boot of built up bikes, teddies costs and clothes.

Annual Service

I hate when it comes as a shock to book an annual service to keep things running smooth over winter

What do you do to keep your car in tip top health?

Will you make any changes for 2019?




*** This has been a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***