Age Is Just A Number

Some people may think that dating someone young is the bee all and end all of a fun relationship. I don’t think that’s true. Older dating is a great idea which has a lot of great benefits.

Just think older people have more time on their hands if they are not working to enable them to enjoy a lot more dates and alone time.

Not to mention the bedroom action, did you know….

Our genitals age along with the rest of us. His erection becomes less hard, our vaginal lining becomes more delicate. If you’re the same age, this works rather well. If you’re 50+ and dating a 25-year-old, it’s a different story.

Our sexual styles change as we age as well. Sex becomes more foreplay focused and less intercourse based. For young men, penetration is still very much the main event.

Interesting fact hey!

Many older people are now a lot more clued up and use computers and have access to Older Dating Online sites and applications. I think its great that mature people are getting themselves out there. I know for one if I was to die before my husband I wouldn’t want him to be lonely for the rest of his years.

Life’s too short…… or can it be too long if your lonely. Over 50s dating is allowed you know.

Here are some date ideas for mature daters

  • A long stroll- what better way then to get to know each other on a peaceful walk
  • A trip to the seaside- fun in the sun brings out everyones playful side
  • Night at the bingo – Have a giggle at 2 fat ladies 88. This one applies for young and old daters I love the bingo. I have been tonight…. and its a saturday lol. Not that I won.
  • Dance class- A bit of dirty dancing never did anyone any harm.
  • Evening meal- You can find out if any of you need to take your dentures out to suck your steak before you make a long term commitment lol.
  • Afternoon tea- A civilized way to not eat massive amounts at once and still manage a conversation.

What ever you do on your date no matter what your age my biggest piece of advice is always stay safe.

If you do decide to date someone you met online here’s my words of wisdom


Be open and honest. If someone is asking you for something your not willing to give or not interested in just tell them. Don’t waste your time or theirs.


Take real photos. No catfish photos needed when your a senior citizen you are going to have lumps and bumps, wrinkles and rolls. Its all part and parcel of the way of live. Super model seniors are few and far between and that is not realistic.


Be safe- Always meet in an open public place and make sure someone knows where you are. Not matter how old you are, safety is key.

No matter your age you will always matter to someone so keep safe.

How would you feel dating over 50?




*** This is a collaboration post***