On the Go Essentials for Little Ones – What Do You Need?

There is a lot to think about as you prepare for a new baby, whether this is your first or baby number two! But what can help you feel more prepared for the day you bring your little one home is if you have all the newborn essentials ready for the first three months. But rather than focusing on bath time, clothing, and the nursery, what do you need when you go on adventures? You might be surprised by how much you need when you take your newborn out. Well, here is a not so concrete list because babies require a lot of things!

Car Seat

Your mini human can only travel in a car in a rear-facing baby car seat, including that first ride home from the hospital. Therefore, it is important to choose a seat suitable for your baby’s age, size, and weight and compatible with your car. (it’s a good idea to watch some tutorials on installing it as they are usually a nightmare!) It is best to buy from a retailer that will let you try fitting several seats into your car so you can see what is best for you.

Pushchair or Pram

There is a wide choice of pushchairs, from ultra-lightweight and umbrella fold models to all-terrain, jogging pushchairs and travel systems with multiple attachments, including car seat baby carriers and detachable Moses baskets! The possibilities are endless. Foryourlittleone knows how important, totally, utterly, and brilliantly life-changing babies can be, and make sure that their pushchairs and prams have baby travel systems! That transforms from pushchair into car seat – to make everything easier – as well as strollers, accessories, and more. This high-quality range is made only with the best materials, meaning anything from this collection could end up lasting you a lifetime.

Baby Carrier

These are amazing for keeping your baby close as you move around, and it leaves your hands free. They come in several styles, such as a wrap, sling, front packs, and backpacks. Some baby carriers may need to be worm differently depending on the age and size of your baby. You will also need to ensure that your baby’s hips and neck get the right support and placement. Make sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer closely.

Sunshade for Car Windows

Your newborn should be kept out of direct sunlight to protect its skin. You might like to cover the back-seat windows of your car with a shade cover to keep your newborn out of the blazing sun.

Travel Cot 

If you’re planning to travel or take your little one to stay with grandparents, friends, or relatives, you might like to have a travel cot so your baby can sleep comfortably and safely where you’re staying. Check that the travel cot you’re considering meets the latest safety standards.

Portable Changing Mat and Nappy Disposable Bags

A portable changing mat can help ensure you have somewhere clean for those impromptu nappy changes. The pads usually roll up quite compactly, so they fit in most changing bags. And nappy bags are great for having somewhere to store your baby’s dirty nappies until you can find a suitable waste bin.


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