A Few Tips for Getting More Done Each Day

For a huge number of people all around the world, procrastination is a major problem – and it’s probably fair to say that virtually everyone can think of a time when they just didn’t manage to get as much done as they would have liked.

While no one is totally productive all the time – and while it’s not necessarily a good thing to strive to be productive at all times – it can certainly be helpful to have tips and practices at hand that help you to get more done each day.

Whether you’ve got tasks to deal with such as looking for a good insurance deal via One Sure, or whether there’s a particular hobby you want to work on, here are some tips and suggestions that might help you to get more done each day.

Practice the art of taking action before your “monkey mind” drives you into procrastination

In certain religious and spiritual traditions, the term “monkey mind” is sometimes used to refer to the conscious and rational part of ourselves that is always talking and keeping up a discussion in our minds.

The thing is, although the “monkey mind” isn’t bad, and needs to be befriended, it can often end up driving procrastination, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt, by painting a vivid picture of just how gruelling, unpleasant, and frustrating a given task is going to be – even if the picture is incorrect and misleading, as is often the case.

One great way of reducing procrastination and getting more done, is to practice the art of taking action on important tasks quickly, before the “monkey mind” has much of a chance to get too active.

Starting with just a few minutes of work at a time – or using a system like the Pomodoro method – may help you to develop momentum.

Do what you can to get enough restful sleep each night, and maintain a fairly regular wake up time

Exhaustion, lack of energy, and a low mood are all common side effects of sleep deprivation – and enormous numbers of people today routinely don’t get as much sleep each night as they actually need.

By doing what you can to get enough restful sleep each night, and maintaining a fairly regular wake up time each morning, you can significantly enhance your health, well-being, and energy levels, which can then allow you to get a lot more done with your days.

Utilise simple and short to-do lists and habit trackers to keep you focused

Using complicated to-do lists – and filling them with hundreds of items – is more or less a surefire way of guaranteeing that you will be demotivated, and won’t get very much done.

On the other hand, by using short and simple daily to-do lists and habit trackers, you can motivate, remind, and nudge yourself into getting things done, without creating a sense of overwhelm and frustration.

The key is, of course, not overdoing it and not overcrowding your daily to-do lists.


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