Midweek Meals with Pukka Pies

When I have been at work all day and need to come home and cook tea,then do the bath and bed routine I try and plan things that don’t require me to stand and stir constantly and keep a watchful eye over.

So this last couple of weeks we have been enjoying a Pukka Pie as a weekly staple.

We have been loving 3 flavours just lately so here I will share with your our favourite pies of the moment and the best accompaniment we like with them too.

All Steak

This is a rich meaty pie with big chunks and a tasty gravy. The meat is super tender and melts in your mouth so much so even my 2 year old Parker loves it. The best accompaniment for a meaty pie of course is buttery mash and added lashings of Gravy. This is the other half’s favourite but I knew it would be as he’s a typical meat loving man.

Chicken and Mushroom

My personal favourite is the chicken and mushroom pie. I love creamy textures and the chicken and mushroom combo. The best side for this pie is some good old fashion chunky, steak cut chips covered in salt and vinegar.

Lastly is a newby but a goodie, strange as it may seem.

Veggie Tikka Masala

This is a new pie with a different twist. I am not a vegetarian  but I do eat veggie maybe 70% of the time. So this pie really appealed to me its packed with chick peas and spinach with a fragrant Marsala sauce. We enjoyed this pie with buttered new potatoes and some green beans.

All these pies have a tasty buttery pastry crust which holds its own even out of the pastry foil which I am fond of as I hate nothing more then half my pie filling on the work top.

Whats more is they cook to perfection from fresh or frozen in the time it take me to get the washing on, have some play time and work up an appetite so Pukka will be a staple in our house for meals to come I am sure of it.

Well done Pukka-mu only plea is you make the Balti pie more readily available and not just for football matches as they are the hubby’s 2nd fave.

Have your tried Pukka Pies? Which is your favourite?




**** Pukka kindly sent me some pies but all views are honest and my own***