10 Things I Have Learned About Weddings Being A Serial Bridesmaid

I am one of those girls that has been always the bridesmaid never the bride, but I must say I am not bitter at all marriage is not something I feel would change my relationship or our family dynamic.

That being said over the amount of times I have been a bridesmaid I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks that could potentially help future brides and her bridal party.

So here is 10 tips that I hope help someone reading this


Being organised and a planner is really useful when planning a wedding as there are so many elements to research and book. I recommend you buy a decent wedding planning book to help keep you organised.


Strive to have everything you want for your special day, after all you hope to only do it once so if having everything you ever dreamed of means saving up for 3 years to get married then do it. Just remember they are material items though and all that matters is the people really on the day. Although a lovely place like Notley Abbey would be worth saving for in my eyes.


A hen party party doesn’t have to be a week long holiday abroad, be thoughtful of the people you want to be there and make it as flexible and affordable as possible for everyone.


Wedding shows and events are great placed to find end of the line, last season, ex demo highly reduced wedding wear, not to mention the millions of samples you receive.


Make first dances fun. At the time they may seem super embarrassing and hard work for all the choreography and rehearsals but they make such an amazing memory. I have been at weddings they have done fancy dirty dancing and mash up dances and they have made the wedding party and attendants beam from ear to ear with such pride and have so much fun. They are a great ice breaker too if you involve the guests.


Be diverse with food. I am quite a believe that the traditional wedding dinner of a Sunday lunch is on the way out. If you love American food or fish and chips- who said you cannot have that for your wedding meal. If it was me I would possibly have an oriental buffet.


Be creative with transport.  These days you can have fire engines, character cars and motobikes really have fun with your transport. This is more for the groom, I don’t expect the bride to get on a motobike and ruin her dress…unless she wants to wear leathers on they way haha.


Even if you live local to the venue, book a room to stay over. Enjoy your first night of marital bliss somewhere different so you won’t be tempted to start tidying up of pottering about at home when you should be enjoying yourself.


Have a hairdresser and make up artist come to you and your wedding party on the morning of the wedding to save people travelling and rushing around, that also means they can have a cheeky beverage.


This one divides opinions, Gift lists. I am totally for a gift list and love it when people have one. Most people live together before marriage and have all the basics so I would rather people say what they want then gifts go to waste.

I hope if any of you lucky ladies are tying the note anytime in the future this helps you out.



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*** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***