Making The Right Impression

Some of you may or may not be aware that I started another side line business last year. Well this has taking a back seat and not really got up and running while my son has still been at nursery. He sadly for me starts school next week so I will have a few days a week with time on my side, so I’ve decided to relaunch the business. Getting taken seriously in an industry that’s flooded with option and opinions is super hard, so I have taken my down time to sharpen up on some professional items to boost my business. Having a Cake Away means that everything has to be super clean and regimented So clean cut Logos and brand designing was a key thing for me. I wanted my logo for packaging to be bright and bold but at the same time simplistic. I checked out various options available and decided to make my own on a monogram maker online. I always thought I would need a professional designer to help me with such a big task but this amazing online FREE service is super simple to use…. even my 70 year old mum had a play around. My exact design is yet to be launched so I’m not going to show it on here just yet but keep your eyes peeled it a beauty. This amazing software has also helped me design many a personalised clothing item for my kids. Everyone loves a bit of personalisation and since so many celebs have launch high end monogram clothing I thought why not give it a go myself. What do you think for this design for my son?
This is going to look super dapper on his plain white round neck Tees. I cant wait until they arrive. Here’s some tips when designing a monogram It should be simple. The monogram might look crowded if there many items in one place. You’ll probably use the monogram in various sizes. Too many details can’t be squeezed into a small space. Do not use many colors. During the process of monogram creation, use no more than a few colors. Selecting the right color palette is challenging. Don’t make a rainbow out of your logo. Every color has a unique suggestion to influence the message you’re trying to convey. You can find out more information about color choices here. Typography is important. Choosing the right type and font size is more challenging than you may believe. Once it’s scaled down, make sure the font is legible. Refrain from using more than a couple of individual fonts. Strive to use one. Experiment a little. Don’t just copy what you like. You should have a creative monogram. Play around with it to make it unique. Use vector format. You needn’t worry about the loss of quality no matter what size the logo is printed on when it is in vector format. Have you ever thought about desiging a monogram yourself? Did you know you can do it for free so why pay someone! If you need any help what so ever just give me a shout always happy to lead you in the right direction. TTFN Trini Xxx *** This is a collaboration post but all views are honest and my own ***