Arrive Alive

Everything in your world changes when you become a parent, how you sleep, when you eat, how you travel, safety.

The first thing that changed for me was the drive home from the hospital with a new born baby. The most precious cargo I would ever carry. A tiny innocent baby that could of been made of glass.

To think that if anyone bumped my car or I bumped them was driving me mad. I found myself very aware of other drivers. People smoking at the wheel made me feel sick. Young racer boys and girls not paying attention to other road users made my toes curl and people on the phone well that brought out the mother hen in me and made me want to tell them off ferociously.

19% of surveyed drivers admitted that they sometimes take calls while driving, 17% admit that they read texts off of their phone, and 12% send texts. All of these reasons (including using your sat nav) can result in a penalty if the police pull you over and find that it was distracting you. Not only this, this time difference could be the deciding factor between a driver crashing or not.

Everyone should think carefully before using any type of device while in the car. Do you really know what your reactions are like? Why not test your reaction times here with Kwik Fit and see if you are as fast as you think you are.

Here are some tips that I stick to, to make sure I arrive alive with my family.

  • Leave your phones out of reach
  • Invest in a hands free Bluetooth system if you really need to talk while driving.
  • Make sure child lock is turned on on all doors a child is next to
  • Get good quality car seats for your children
  • Always wear a seat belt correct
  • Don’t eat and drink at the wheel
  • Tiredness can kill take a break

What’s your top safer driving tip you would give to a parent?


T x