Lockdown Loving

Since being in lockdown a conversation I have had with a lot of my friends is about our love life’s, or lack of it in some friends cases.

Here are ten ways lockdown has effective mine and my friends love lives!

  1. Being home all the time has ment I personally have had more time on my hands to make sure I am groomed, preened and more attractive to my husband- let’s face it at the start of lock down I was a heavily pregnant mess who was swollen in all the wrong places lol.
  2. Some of my friends have been separated from there loved ones for over 3 months due to them not living in the same home so to keep the spark alive they have ventured in to the realms of phone foreplay! Sounds super fun for people still in the dating stage.
  3. I’ve been more interested in being affectionate with my husband during lock down, I’m not sure if that’s because the future for everyone is so uncertain?!
  4. Single friends have a lot of time on their hands and now wish they have someone to share their lockdown time with. This has lead them to online dating to pass the time and secure themselves some fun dates post lock down. They have found Devon sex and Shropshire sex site super fun!
  5. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach- with all the excess time on my hands I’ve been experimenting with new date night at home recipes.
  6. A common ground me and the hubby like is home improvement so we have been bonding and playful over painting rooms and fences to name a few things. Often ending in one of us covered in paint.
  7. New places- it’s surprising how many new places you can find to have fun around the house when you stare at all the rooms in detail when you spend so much time in them.
  8. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere- with no where to go and nothing to do I’ve been partial to an afternoon gin.Gin makes you relaxed and lose I find and open to having fun.
  9. With only being able to spend time with the people you live with on a close basis it gives you change to discuss things that have been playing on your mind or that you would like to try. Explore the possibilities and talk about future possibilities.
  10. Make plans- if you have ever wanted to try something different there is no time like the present. Thanks to online shopping you can get all the fun of the shops delivered to your door. Even the fun shops do he delivery wink wink. If you plan to extend your family what a great time to have fun doing it during lock down. Or if not practice makes perfect lol.

Has your love life changed at all during lock down? Are you happy with who you have been locked down with or has it made you think maybe your not as compatible as you think, and post lockdown could be your time to break loose?




*** This is a collaboration post ***