Life’s Too Short To Be Lonely

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Have your ever thought that online dating can be used for friendship as well as love.

People have a lot of miss conception that people are all after one thing with online dating, and sometimes you would not be wrong but it is all about finding the right site for people you are looking to find.

Put yourself out there and be honest with your selves and others. Honesty is key when you are wanting to make friends, if you start on lies it is not going to end well.

Some of the most long lasting relationships are built on a friendship basis. Me and my partner were friends for 2 years before we developed a relationship on a love level. I believe that is what has lead us into what is currently our 10th year of our life together.

Why not try out this Free Dating site what have you got to lose?

It’s free and full of people just like yourself either wanting love, friendship or a companion.

Make sure when creating a profile you take a photo which is a good likeness, you be honest about your hobbies- if you love to lounge at home all day in your pjs and play computer games tell them. Maybe they will like it too.

Here is some facts online I found regarding online dating you may find interesting

  • 52 % of online daters are men- Nearly and even split which I was surprised about
  • 17% of marriages found there partner online- See you could be the next one down the aisle
  • 20% of Long term committed relationships started online.
  • 33% of people who meet online have sex on the first night- argh shock horror lol but look its a small percent of people.
  • 64% of online dating users say that mutual interests is key to success.
  • 49% of people say that appearance matters- I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing you need to find a partner physically attractive right?
  • Men over 48 use online dating more then women over 48
  • 26 Year old woman have more online interests than 26 year old men
  • Most men online lie about there age, height and income- cheeky monkeys they always fib more than women. If you doubt what they tell you about the credentials call them oun on it. Say hey are you sure your  X year old because I think you actually look X, it’s okay you can tell me. If they then go on to admit that they lied then I would say thank you for admitting it- but then I would end it there. Remember what I said about a relationship starting on lies!
  • Woman lie most about weight, build and dress size when online. Well women’s fibs are nothing that men really need to know is it, a gent should not be asking a lady about her weight, build and dress size- That’s rude right!
  • To follow all the fibs online it says that 81% of people dating online tell white lies on there profile- naughty naughty.

For a bit of fun I have created the A- Z of Online dating

A- Adventurous= Put yourself out there

B- Brave – Do it, whats the worst that can happen

C- Courteous – Be courteous to all you meet

D- Daring- Dare yourself to try something new

E- Exciting- Meeting new people is exciting

F- Freedom- You choose when,where and how

G- Good Luck- You could meet the partner of your dreams

H- Happiness- Everyone deserves it

I- Intentions- make sure yours are good

J- Justification- You do not need to justify your actions to anyone

K- Keep going- You might have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your partner

L- Love- You may find it online

M- Mutual=Make sure all feelings are mutual

N- Nobody should be lonely

O- Open- Be open with your dating partner

P- Partner- You could meet your partner for life

Q- Quotes- Woo who your talking to with some cute quotes

R- Roses make a great gift for a first date

S- Sincere- Be sincere to everyone

T- Tough- Be strong you may get some rejection

U- Understand- that everyone may not be nice

V- Vulnerable- Don’t let yourself be vulnerable

W- Work- Work at meeting someone you truly want to spend time with

X- XXX – If they go straight in with rude quotes there intentions are not great

Y- Yes – Say yes more than no

Z- Zoo- If in doubt take them to a zoo for an ice breaker.

Why don’t you try out my handy dandy A- Z on