Gender Reveal – Window To The Womb

So as you may have seen in my last post “I’m having a baby”

We currently have our beautiful little 4-year-old boy P and after years of complications and fertility treatment to enable us to have P we have fallen pregnant naturally with a little miracle baby.

As you may have read I have been suffering terribly with HG which I hoped would have subsided more recently but I am still sick every day to the point where i cannot brush my teeth until around 10am. Sounds scruffy I know but the brushing process makes me even more sick so I wait until my stomaches empty and the acid has subsided until I go for the brush.

Any way woes aside as soon as I found out I was pregnant we wants to keep P as involved as possible so I knew from the get go we were going to go for a private scan Unfortunately NHS hospitals do not allow children present for scans which is understandable as they have a very important job to do checking for abnormalities.

So I decided to start researching private options ready for when I was 16 weeks and we could find out the gender of baby number 2- bare in mind P had been telling all his friends and school teacher he was having a little sister from the get go so we had a quiet word with the teacher and she explained to him, like we had done at home.

So thankfully she changed his outlook and he understood that we couldn’t choose what we got that it got chosen for us.

After a quick google search I found where we wanted to go as we had already heard many friends and family reviews from there too and they were all fab. I was super surprised at how affordable The Window To The Womb was and booking online was super simple.

When our scan day came around they ladies at the clinic where super lovely and accommodating, they made lots of interaction with our son and made it as much about him as it was us. We waited a while in the waiting room but it wasnt a problem as there was loads to look at on the walls and plenty of toys and activities for our son.

So enough our turn arrived and we were called through to what I can only describe as the most relaxing and tranquil room ever! Mood lighting, relaxing music and comfy sofas. I hopped on the bed and prepared myself to find out the gender of the baby. Me and my partner were convinced it’s a boy as our families on both sides only seem to produce boys and P was still set on a girl.

Ready to discover our fate the lady did some basic checks then asked if we were ready to hear the outcome We took a deep breath and prepared incase she gave an answer they upset P after all he was still only 4 and didn’t totally get it.

She opened her mouth and said……..

Its a GIRL Yeyyyyyy cheers erupted from P and we bust smiles of pride. One of each gender- Just Perfect!

Following the scan process they talked us through the Bumpies app where we could retrieve all our pics and got us to choose some prints that were included in the package.

I loved the fact there was plenty of extras to purchase should you want them but they were not pressurised at all.

Well Done Window to The Womb your fab and made one little family very happy.




Have you ever had a private gender scan? If so who with?