Do Children Need A Main Gift At Christmas?

This year I am suffering a major case of mum guilt so Im hoping by tapping out this post I am going to either get some reassurance or help other mums along the way.

It’s the time of year where we can all be guilty of playing keeping up with the Jones’, out doing the friends and neighbours with what we buy our children just to feel like a great parent.

Well this year I am really up against it! Funds are low due to lack of working due to what you may have read in my previous posts  and the fact that my house looks like a toy shop already and we with be adding another child to it in the new year.

So my question to you is Do children need a main gift at Christmas?

Our son has an abundance of toys even after taking lots to charity and car boots throughout the year and he already has the usual main gifts from previous years of

  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Ride On Car
  • Tablet
  • DVD player
  • Shop
  • Kitchen

You name it our boy has it all so there isn’t really anything large that he needs, but now one week before the big day and I am feeling the guilt. He doesn’t have a main present for Christmas!

What would you do? Give your head a wobble and head out a grab and expensive gift quickly or stop being so hard on yourself and be happy with what he has?

All he has asked for this year is Toy story toys and Pen lids ( Don’t ask lol an ongoing joke as his felt pens have gone dry)

Help mums do you have a main gift EVERY year?