Cleaning Vinyl Flooring in 3 Simple Steps

​​There are so many things to do throughout a single day and cleaning up after everyone else feels like a career instead of a simple task most of the time.

Hoovering carpets, soaking out spills and stains and cleaning up after the pets is not the best part of a day and takes up a fair amount of your time. If you are wondering what can be done to relieve the effort and free up your time to dedicate elsewhere, the answer lies in luxury vinyl flooring and its 3 steps to choosing the right one.

First Step – Choice

It is not just wood effect vinyl you can turn to, as vinyl effortlessly replicates stone, slate or marble floors with its selection of vinyl planks and tiles.

Your first step is always choice, not just from the design but also colour, texture, and palette. You have to be happy with the design you choose as this flooring lasts an incredibly long time when cared for. You may choose an abstract design for a bit of originality or go towards a contemporary design to add some sophistication.

The good news is no matter what you choose, it all takes the same amount of care.

The second Step – How It is Installed

Installation is a straightforward exercise that can be done either by a professional or independently if you fancy a bit of work. It is certainly easy enough for you to save some pennies on the installation costs.

By choosing easy click together planks or slightly more challenging glue down tiles by way of adhesive, it can be a fun exercise for slow weekends. Once put together you can give it a quick mop and brush and your new floor will be doing its job and be able to step over by Monday.

The Third Step – Cleaning

Now, this is where the benefits of saving time present themselves.

In most cases, your old flooring would have scratches from pet claws and scuffs from moving furniture, which is why luxury vinyl flooring such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooringhave protective properties in place that offer the highest safeguard against scratches, stains, moisture and heavy foot traffic.

When you have vinyl flooring in the home you find that a regular mop of any spillages and an occasional brush throughout the week keeps your floor in perfect condition. Before long you start to feel the time coming back to you in not being on your hands and knees scrubbing out stubborn stains and buffing out scratches, leaving you with time on your hands to enjoy what you want to.

That is the trick when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring – getting time back and cutting down the clean-up.


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