8 Ways to Change Up Your Look For Free

Do you want to change up your style? Do you not want to spend a ton of cash to do it? Good news because there are many ways to do it for free.

Whether it’s the start of a new season or you’re starting a new job or you just want a change, one of the best ways to increase your confidence is to change your looks. Making simple changes to your makeup, clothes or hair can do wonders. With that said, below we have put together eight free ways you can change up your looks.

1. Clean you’re Jewellery

One of the things you can do is clean your jewellery, but have it professionally done. Don’t worry because you can actually have it done for free. Getting your jewellery polished is a great way to add shine to your style.

There are free cleaning services that are located around the country. All you have to do is find out where the nearest place is. This is easy to do, and once your jewellery has been professionally cleaned, it will look amazing and it will stand out of the crowd.

2. Get Free Perfume Samples

Using a new fragrance is a good way to update your look. Having a nice scent is a good way to make an impression on anyone. Remember, scent is closely linked to memory.

There are many ways to get free perfume samples. For example, you can check out WOWFreeStuff.co.uk. When a new fragrance is brought to the market, usually a company will give out free samples.

Bonus Tip

You can join Debenhams Beauty Club. This is where you’ll receive a few samples of perfume with each purchase. Sometimes you might be given a free sample without even having to buy anything.

3. Become a Product Tester

You can try to become a product tester for a beauty company or several beauty companies. When you become a tester, products are sent to you. All you need to do is provide a quick review of the products you receive.

You might have the chance to try products you normally don’t use or purchase, all for free. High-end companies that market beauty products always need people to test their products. These companies include Boots, Soap & Glory and Sanctuary to name a few

Companies are always looking for honest reviews because reviews help them refine their products. The Glamour Beauty Club is a great place to sign up for a membership. You’ll receive personalised products that you can try and keep.

4. Update Your Hair

A great way to update your look is to change up your hair. People often notice the hair before anything else on a person. This means you’ll look a lot different to people when you change your hairstyle, even to those who know you very well.

A simple way to change your hairstyle is to readjust your part. For example, do you always part your hair down the middle? If so, change things up by parting down the side. You’ll be shocked at how different your hair and face looks by doing something this simple.

You can watch tutorials too. Search YouTube or other social media sites for new styles you can try. Stop wearing your hair the same way every single day and take the chance to do something different. You will love how you look and feel when you change things up with your hair.

5. Use Free Makeup Samples

You can try makeup samples for free. There are many beauty companies that give products away for free.

If you like The Body Shop, then you should head into the nearest location for a skin consultation and makeup consultation, which is free. Make sure to tell them you want to change up your looks. They’ll be more than happy to give you tips.

A lot of people don’t like the idea of changing their makeup or doing a new makeup routine, but you need to take the chance. There’s no need to be nervous about it. Also, use bright lipstick or bright eye-shadow if you want to complement your look.

6. Get a Free Wax

Waxing your eyebrows can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your looks. Eyebrows can make your facial features standout. When your birthday arrives, you should head to the Debenhams Benefit counter to receive a free brow wax.

Once there, a makeup artist will talk to you about what look you’re after. They will then wax them and shape them. Generally speaking, the bigger the eyebrows, the better, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

7. Do a Clothing Swap

You can organise a clothing swap with people you know. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted clothes, while getting some brand new clothes. You’ll be surprised at how many old clothes your friends don’t want, and these clothes might be in excellent condition.

8. Sleep and Drink Water

You already know this, but you need to sleep. A lot of people know they need to sleep. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get enough sleep and the chances are you too aren’t getting a proper night’s rest on a nightly basis.

There are many benefits of getting plenty of sleep. This includes clearer skin and being able to be more focused and more alert. Getting enough sleep is also linked to weight loss.

Furthermore, drink plenty of water. If you don’t like the taste of it, then spice it up with herbs or a few slices of cucumber or add a slice of lemon to it. There are many ways to add flavour to your water.

Also, tea counts as water consumption. This means your morning and afternoon cup of it counts towards your water consumption. This is a good reason to have a cup of tea daily.

If you drink plenty of water and sleep enough, you’ll notice a difference in no time. Make sure to get into a sleep routine, although it might be difficult to do at first. Eventually it will become easier.

Those are eight ways to change up your looks. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost anything to change up your looks. If you do the above methods, then you will look better, your confidence will improve and you will standout of a crowd. Give them a try today.




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