Ace That Cleaning: Product Review

So Have you heard of Mrs Hinch on Instagram? If you haven’t where the heck have you been? She ACE and has got me really into cleaning lately.

Because of that I have been on the hunt for the best cleaning products on the market for all house hold jobs and I feel I have come across a good contender. Even Mrs Hinch uses some of them but I had them first ner ner lol.

ACE for Whites

Its no secret it my house the washing is my worst chore and I am terrible at it, So much so that when my son was a tiny baby and puked and pooped on everything white it went in the bin.

I did not have the product nor the patience to get them clean again.

Until now- Ace for whites does exactly what it proclaims to do-

  • Removes Stains
  • Whitens
  • Hygienises
  • Exclusive & Patented Fibre protection system

It has a bleach like consistency but without an as strong acrid smell. It brought my stinky converse back to life so its a winner from me.

ACE for Colour

The stain remover for colour- pretty much similar to the whites one but with no bleach like smell.

Ace for colour had me sitting on the fence it was a here nor there products and didn’t seem to make a big difference in my washing.

ACE Power mouse for Whites

This one is going to be a long stander in our home, I am already on my second bottle.

The degrease action cleaned my cooker hood which as been a burden to get clean for years no matter how many products I have used.

Here’s what it claims to do and does-

  • The power of Ace for Whites, in a spray!
  • Innovative mousse, utilising unique patented technology, allowing precise application with no drips or splashes
  • Special formulation with bleach & degreaser
  • Can be used on white fabrics & hard surfaces
  • Fresh scent with odour masking technologies

I have even touched up the converse again with these after a poop incident lol.

ACE Multipurpose

A good sister product to the Power mouse i find it offers similar properties just not as hard going as the power mouse. Maybe keep this for colours only as its weak enough for that.

Over all

5/5 Well done ACE and welcome to the family.

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