A Diamond For All Occasions

Just around the corner is the time of year that some people love and some people loathe, Valentines Day.

Myself, I’ll take it or leave it. We have never celebrated a such and have been together nearly 15 years but I do however refuse to cook on the night lol.

The point of this post is to say that you don’t have to be loved up to the person of your dreams or spoiled just on one day of the year, every day is a day to be celebrated whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, a congratulations gift or a cheer you up gift.

For a gift that covers a wide range of occasions I think you can’t go wrong with a diamond! Male or female your bound to raise a smile with a bit of bling.

What’s your go to jewellery of choice? Mine is earrings and rings, I’m not a massive necklace or bracelet wearer.

For my birthday this year I am going to choose something like these beautiful stud earrings if my hubby asks me for some ideas.

Studs are a timeless classic for me and being a mum a lot more safer than a dangler for the baby to pull!

I also have a super special friends 30th birthday this year and I think a diamond is a super special keep sake gift to last a lifetime for the likes of a special birthday.

She does love a necklace or bracelet and particularly rose gold like most ladies right now so I am looking at purchasing something like this gorgeous necklace

I think this is one of those pieces that you would wear in a night out but is timeless that it could be passed down to her daughter in years to come.

Diamonds really are for any occasion

Don’t think you will never get one unless you are loved up to a partner, friends or relatives may treat you too you know.

Here’s a cute poem about diamonds to hopefully make you smile.

It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things

The little things that make you smile

the small sparkles of joy

that cluster and dot your day

Like little diamonds of wonder

Glittering light through the darkness

Collect the little things

Cherish them for the rare treasures they

are Adorn yourself with them

see them shimmer and shine

a twinkling crown of stars

bathing you in their light

Feel them seep into your skin and warm

your soul Be a vessel, Let joys tranquil light illuminate

you replenish and imbue you

as it brims and surges out of you

in a gust of laughter and a dazzling smile

Share your joy with others

Be a beacon of gentle light

that refracts off their little things

and shows them the way

Teach them as you have learned

To be happy every day.

If you have a little extra cash and someone that needs cheering up in these uncertain times why not send them a surprise gift and make their day or even year! I for one would be a very happy lady.