5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Better

The bedroom may not be one of those parts of your home that a lot of people get to see, but it is still one of the most important parts of your home. Why? Because it is the part of your home that is just yours – the place where you can throw off your shoes, relax and spend some quality time. That’s why you deserve the best bedroom you can create, and that is also why I’ve put together some tips to help you make your bedroom better – I hope you find them useful.

1. Keep furniture to a minimum

It can be tempting to fill your bedroom with lots of drawers, wardrobes, dressing tables and so on, but unless you have a huge bedroom with lots of room, less is often more. Bedrooms that have fewer things in them are naturally more relaxing and enable you to move around far more freely than those that are filled with all manner of stuff, so include what is essential to you and leave out the rest.

2. Invest in a storage bed

These days, the best divan beds are those which come with drawers at the bottom. They are the best beds you can find because they give you more storage space. This is important because when your bedroom is cluttered, it can be much more difficult to relax than it would otherwise be, so when you next need to upgrade your bed, be sure to check out options that have storage as well as being the most comfortable for you.

3. Choose a soothing colour scheme

If you want your bedroom to be a haven of relaxation, avoid bright colours like primary yellows, pinks and purples, and instead choose relaxing muted tones, like greys, browns and creams or shades of blue and green that you would naturally see in nature, for your decor. Colour has a much bigger effect on us than you might think and the right colour really can make it easier for you to relax, so be careful what you choose.

4. Frame the bed

If you don’t already have a bed frame, you should probably get one. Why? Because framing the bed not only creates an attractive focal point in the bedroom, it also provides you with the support you need should you want to read in bed, meditate or do whatever it is that helps you relax the most.

5. Go natural with the sheets

If you want your bedroom to look good AND you want to get a good night’s sleep, then investing in sheets made from a natural material such as Egyptian cotton or linen is a really good idea. Not only do they look crisp and expensive, but they will also enable your skin to breathe, which means no more uncomfortable sticky hot nights for you, and no more itching or irritated skin either!

As you can see, it’s really easy to make your bedroom better with just a few simple tweaks, so what are you waiting for?


T xx