Why I Always Follow Instruction Manuals

I have been a lover of flat pack and build your own furniture for years and something I have learned along the way is don’t defer from the manual.

I have learned the hard way in many forms about not following instructions.

Here is why you need a decent manual whether you are spending a little or a lot on something that needs your input in making.

Buy cheap buy twice

Everyone knows I love a good bargain and have often fallen victim to the bargain area in the likes of Ikea. The only problem being I have saved my self a few pounds on the item but have to try and be mystic meg to construct as manuals are missing.

Extra Pieces

When I get to the end of a DIY jobs that I have done off the top of my head, I always have pieces left over which clearly should be in my build.

I always wondered why I need new stuff every few years when it falls down with kids climbing on it and wear and tear.

Back to front and inside out

The amount of times I have had to deconstruct a build from not following the technical documentation is crazy.

Things always end up back to front and inside out. I must of built some items in my own three times over before having everything facing the correct way.

Embarrassing situations

A few times I have been known to return the store that I have purchase the flat pack from and demand they have missed pieces from it.

More times then I care to admit have the pieces been there and I’ve just not read the instructions correctly.

Time is Money

The time I have taken to rectify my errors is crazy but the money I have spend buying new furniture is worse.

I used to lead a very disposable life were if anything wasn’t right it was disposed of, but growing up I have learned this isn’t the best ethos and I should do things right first time to save expense.

Trust me don’t use the manual as a coffee mat (which I may have done on several occasions)

Resources available

Before making so many errors I didn’t realise there are multilingual manuals available. More companies should make manuals in a variety of forms to suit all people.

I am more of a doer then a reader so I love a good picture manual, where as my other half is a methodical builder and loves a blow by blow written breakdown.

YouTube has also been a friend to me along the way with step by step unboxings of various products. You can pause as you go along and build along with the video. Great if your a procrastinator and want to take your time.

Are you a reader of manuals or a wing and a prayer type of person?

Whats the most complex thing you have built without a manual?




***This is a Collaboration post but all views are honest and my own ***

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