What I Have Learnt Being A Second Time Mum

There is nothing I hated more when I became a first time mum then the blooming know it all mothers that wanted to give there opinion on every little think you did with your child.

Come one Mums we are all just winging it at life, there are no right or wrong answers and there is no guide book to being a mum available. Its trial and error.

I used to worry myself sick about what other people thought all the time but now since becoming a mum for the second time round, I have learnt not to give a crap about what anyone else thinks and just do what’s right for me and my family.

Here are 10 completely honest and genuine things I have learnt being a second time mum ( tell me I’m not alone)

  1. You don’t need to buy 500 outfits for your newborn baby because they will not get to wear them all before needing the next size in a weeks time.
  2. Hand me downs are NOT scruffy! The amount of times a baby shit, slavers and sicks on clothes they are on and off like no ones business and wash powders can kill the germs! Reuse that £10 sleepsuit you had for your first child even if its blue and you have a girl….. I did!
  3. You don’t need to spend £1000 on a pram….. I begrudgingly spend more than that on on a car haha. The carry cot barely gets used, the frame gets battered getting in and out of the car and the toddler seat by the time they are using that gets covered in sticky fingers. I’m going to be showing you how I up cycled my pram for under £30.
  4. Breast isn’t always best- fed is best. I couldn’t breast feed my children and felt like a total let down, but i now know that fed is best. So don’t listen to breast feeding bullies do what’s right and what works for you. Not everyone can do it.
  5. Dummies are okay! My son was born with a severe tongue tie to the point where he cannot stick his tongue out. Thanks to sucking dummies he has managed to naturally stretch the tongue so he can now stick it out and doesn’t have a speech impediment.
  6. Fancy high chairs are a waste of money- The amount of time I spent scrubbing food out of my highchair with my son was a joke, so this one is a dream- just stick it outside and jet wash. Job done.
  7. The amount of milk they advise is just a suggestion. With my first born I found myself pushing to get all the feed in a day the box recommended. This time round I know when my baby is full or hungry. She actually is a really good weight but drinks less then the recommended amount.
  8. Weaning is for when your baby is ready. If i made my second child wait until 6 months I think she would of killed me in her sleep lol. She has been enjoying and exploring foods since 5 months old.
  9. Making baby food is cheaper than buying it. Yes jars are convenient but I can make 10 meals for the price of one jar.
  10. Sod Everyone else. You do you. You know what your baby wants and needs so sod everyone else and keep going mama you got this.

We should be building each other up not knocking us down. Life is hard enough without a mum war.

Mums/Dads if you want to chat or feel your being judged and want a non judgemental ear I am here.

Mum guilt is real! Lets keep a positive on parenting


T xxx