What Do You Do With The Clutter After Clearing Out Your Home?

Whether you’re moving home, making room for a new baby, or simply looking to make sure that you’re not holding onto things that you don’t need anymore, clearing out the home can be therapeutic. However, it can also give rise to a new problem: what do you do with all of the stuff? Let’s look at a few of your options to work out which makes the most sense.

Sell them

If you know that you want to get rid of those items, then the most reasonable answer might be to sell them for what they’re worth. There are online marketplace sites like eBay where you can sell anything and everything. However, for items that have a more specific interest, such as furniture or collector’s items, you should look for more specific places to sell them, as you might be able to get more money by finding the right audience for them.

Donate them

If there’s no money to be made and you don’t want to keep your possessions, then you might instead be able to donate them to those who need them. You can ask around friends and family, first of all, but, beyond that, there are plenty of charitable organisations that take donated items. They might take them to sell in order to raise funds for their various missions, but they may also directly give those items to the people who need them. For that reason, you need to make sure that the items you are giving are complete and in good condition so that they can be reused. Don’t go trying to give away toys with missing pieces or heavily worn clothes.

Move them

There may be items that you don’t have the space for, but you don’t necessarily want to get rid of them. Perhaps you want to save them for someone who can take them later, or they can be sold but not immediately, or you’re planning on moving and taking them with you eventually. Whatever the case, if you can’t move them into a friend’s pad or your own storage space, renting some secure self storage can make sure that they stay in good condition. That way, you can pick them up again when you’re ready.

Dump them

If nothing else can be done with them and there’s no potential use for them, it’s all about finding the most environmentally responsible way to dispose of your items. Look to any recycling centres near you, first and foremost. However, if you have a lot to get rid of, then you might want to look at a responsible skip hire company. This way, you can make sure that your waste is dealt with responsibly, but you don’t have to go to the effort of finding every single company you can split it between.

You want to make sure that you avoid waste as much as possible, but you definitely don’t want to keep holding onto the items that have no use to you. Hopefully, the tips above help you make the most out of your options.


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