Guest Series: No Holes Barred Questions By Alex From Better Together Home

I decided that I loved writing my “No Holes Barred” Post Labour Questions so much that I wanted to reach out to my fellow mummy blogger and read some of there guest responses.

With that I have launched my Guest Series Of No Holes Barred and next up on the blog to share there Experiences is Alex from Better together Home. Alex writes about Travel and lifestyle and has been to some great places and captured amazing pictures.

Here’s Alex’s answers below, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out Alex’s blog and social links- Go say hello and tell her I sent you!

Did your partner look down the business end while you gave birth? If he did do you remember his facial impression of what he saw?

I actually gave birth on the toilet after a long home birth! As I was crouched over the toilet (honestly thinking I was doing a poop!) he didn’t get to see the actual birth. Luckily the midwife was in our tiny toilet with me and she caught our baby just as I pushed her out.

      Did you poop during labour?

Nope although I did think I needed to!

After giving birth did your sex drive improve or decrease?

Improve – ridiculously! Honestly we were at it like rabbits in the months after she was born ha!

Where you tempted to look at your bits in the mirror post labour to see what it looked like?

God no! I mean, let’s face it – vaginas are hardly attractive pre-labour let alone post! I was worried it might be destroyed haha!

Did you wait the recommended 6 weeks before part taking in sexual intercourse post birth?

Ahem… Nope… I think I made it to two weeks before I had a huge hormonal strop!

Do you find you take Less care of your self since becoming a parent?

In the first year I definitely took less care of myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety and stopped caring about my appearance. Once I was back to work I started making more effort – although I still don’t have a hot bod and I barely wear make up!

Is your child a cock block? AKA do they interrupt your sex life?

HA! Not in general but we let her sleep in our bed on Friday nights so I never get any on a Friday!

Did your first child make you think carefully about when the right time to have a second child is?

Not really. If anything having her made me want more children right away. We actually tried for six years (once she was a year old) and I got pregnant with triplets this year but sadly lost them in June.

Do you finish your children food if they leave it and it looks quiet tasty?

I’m going to lie and say no…

Have your breasts changed post birth?

Yes – they have got bigger and bigger (like my belly oops!)

Do you wee your self post birth?

No thankfully – although my bladder isn’t as strong as it used to be!

Have you ever dropped your baby accidentally?

Aaaargh! I say no but the husband would say yes! Basically I put her in the MIDDLE of the bed, turned my back for a second and she rolled off! It was her first time rolling and she managed to cross an entire double bed and luckily land on the duvet and pillows i’d just stripped off of it! So technically I didn’t drop her!

How often do you pretend to be on the toilet longer then you need to be for 5 minutes peace?

All. The. Time. Everyday. At least once a day! I’ve even gone in there with a chocolate bar so I don’t have to share it ha!

What is the first thing you choose to do if you get the rare opportunity to be child free and you don’t have to go to work that day?

Have a lie in! Watch rubbish TV! Drink all the craft beer I like 😉

Whats you honest feelings on parenting?

I love being a parent. However it is really hard work – and it’s nothing like the movies. I would do anything for my daughter, and to keep my daughter safe, but there are also times when I wonder if we can get a refund ha!

Aw Alex thank you for sharing this, you have a great sense of humour just like me even though from reading this I can see you have been through so tough times. Girl power to you for keeping going and making your family proud. I love the fact you have a sleep over in your bed on a friday, I cant wait until my son wants to snuggle with me but I may change my mind pronto lol.

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