Someone For Everyone

Following on from my post about Life to short to be lonely it came to my attention that people are not aware of the option of where to meet people online, so I have created this post to help you no matter where you are in the UK.

Do you live down south? Maybe Portsmouth? Check out Portsmouth Dating to find people in your local area.

Maybe you live in Devon and fancy finding yourself a surfer dude- Check out Singles in Devon

Are you over 50? Don’t fear there is someone waiting for you here at Over 50s Dating Devon

Here’s the Tayside Dating site for people in that neck of the woods.

For everyone else check out the Best Dating Sites.

For a bit of fun I have created the A- Z of Online dating

A- Adventurous= Put yourself out there

B- Brave – Do it, whats the worst that can happen

C- Courteous – Be courteous to all you meet

D- Daring- Dare yourself to try something new

E- Exciting- Meeting new people is exciting

F- Freedom- You choose when,where and how

G- Good Luck- You could meet the partner of your dreams

H- Happiness- Everyone deserves it

I- Intentions- make sure yours are good

J- Justification- You do not need to justify your actions to anyone

K- Keep going- You might have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your partner

L- Love- You may find it online

M- Mutual=Make sure all feelings are mutual

N- Nobody should be lonely

O- Open- Be open with your dating partner

P- Partner- You could meet your partner for life

Q- Quotes- Woo who your talking to with some cute quotes

R- Roses make a great gift for a first date

S- Sincere- Be sincere to everyone

T- Tough- Be strong you may get some rejection

U- Understand- that everyone may not be nice

V- Vulnerable- Don’t let yourself be vulnerable

W- Work- Work at meeting someone you truly want to spend time with

X- XXX – If they go straight in with rude quotes there intentions are not great

Y- Yes – Say yes more than no

Z- Zoo- If in doubt take them to a zoo for an ice breaker.

I would love to hear some dating stories, have any of you met the love of your life online? Or maybe a total catfish?

I know many people are online dating and if I had a friend who was single and looking for love or even a bit of companionship I would for sure point them in the direction of online.

Its the 21st Century and everyone does it- who has the time to prop up bars and shake off the drunken skunks these days, cut out the middle man I say.

With the right profile and correct information I think you will have great success. Just remember if at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Enjoy the ride.

Remember we are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time.