Signs to Visit A Dentist

A trip to the dentist is part of our dental care plan. I visit my dentist at least three times a year. The visits are voluntary and help to clean my tooth and find any oral health issues. It’s much easier when the dentist is well-versed with one’s dental history.

With that said, dental visits don’t need to be limited to a few times a year. We should see these experts whenever we experience discomfort in our oral health, be it to get dental implants from Enhanced Dental Studios or simply for a general check to ensure the pain won’t be coming back. Ignoring such symptoms might signal the onset of serious infections. Below are the red signs that we need to see a dentist immediately.

Tooth Pain

We have all experienced toothaches, and the experience is miserable. If the ache is accompanied by swelling of the cheek, the root is probably infected. Dental pain might also be due to injury, infection, decay, or loss of a tooth. A dentist can help pinpoint the origin of these aches and prescribe a treatment plan.

Bleeding Gums

Unsurprisingly, many people experience bleeding gum at some point in their lives. The cause of this problem can be attributed to several factors. I used to experience bleeding gums whenever I bought a new toothbrush and brushed hard. Others bleed after a long hiatus of not flossing.

Bleeding gums become a real worry if it regularly happens, with or without brushing. When we eat, food remnants stick to our teeth. With time, the food decomposes and becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria irritate and infect our gums. Whenever we bleed, it could be the first indicator of periodontal diseases. Only a dentist can help prevent further infections.

Translucent Teeth

According to my doctor, teeth color is the best yardstick of oral health. We need to examine our teeth in the mirror routinely. If they appear translucent on the edges, we need to call our dentists as soon as possible. Translucent teeth might indicate the onset of bruxism. In medical terms, this condition refers to the grinding of our teeth.

Bruxism occurs at night when most of us are deep in sleep. That’s the reason why we are unaware of this problem. The translucent color appears because the enamel has faded away. People with such symptoms need dentistry assistance.

Bad Breath

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a bad breath. With such a condition, conversations with people become a real nightmare. Worse off, the more we keep mum, the more the build-up of the bad odor. Chewing gum and brushing teeth help, but they don’t solve the underlying issue.

Bad breath can be caused by factors such as tooth decay, tooth infection, and gum conditions. If untreated, these infections can metamorphose beyond bad breath to severe oral diseases. Seeing a doctor is the ideal option since he/she can diagnose the problem early and find a long-lasting solution.

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Teeth sensitivity (dentin hypersensitivity) is prevalent among many people. It occurs when the inner layers of our teeth get exposed to external stimuli. The enamel is responsible for protecting our teeth, but nerve endings become exposed when it gets ground up. This results in sharp pains when we eat hot or cold food.

Sensitivity toothpaste is only a temporary solution. A change in our oral hygiene regimen is required to remedy this situation. Frequent sensitivity on one or several of our teeth might indicate deeper issues. Scheduling an appointment with a dentist becomes non-negotiable.

Canker Sore

These sores are tiny ulcers that attack our palates, gums, tongues, philtrum, or the inside of our cheeks.  I have experienced this condition twice in my life when I accidentally bit my lip. Such sores heal within a week, provided we keep the sore clean and infection-free.

Recurring, unhealable canker sores might be the indication of severe health shortcomings. It could be caused by elements like hormonal shifts, stress, immunity problems, and stress. Such unhealable sores tend to spread. It’s advisable to consult a dentist once they appear.


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